Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fourth of July Tablescape!

Hi all! It has been a fun few days here at Nana's! I found out that I won a giveaway from my blog buddy, Bill, at Affordable Accoutrements!!! I haven't really won a giveaway before- well, I kinda did as a sharing deal, but this is my very first actual win! I won a book written by The Elegant Thrifter, Stan Williams. Talk about excited! Here are the kind words that Bill wrote when he announced the win on his blog: "If you haven't stopped by Just Call Me Nana!, you owe it to yourself to pay her a visit. Nana's a frequent Tablescape Thursday participant and, while she has several sets of dishes, she often limits herself to using thrifted white Johnson Brothers Snowhite Regency Ironstone china in an amazing variety of ways. I have some of the same dishes I've used in a few tablescape posts, but Nana puts me to shame!
Most of Nana's English Ironstone collection was purchased for her by her sweet sister, Tammy, who also happens to be a blogger. You can check out her blog, Domestic Diva at Work HERE. Last Friday was Nana's birthday, so I thought it was a nice coincidence that she won the giveaway. I hope you'll all stop by and wish her well. Congratulations, Nana!"

Those words were almost as great as the Shakespeare he quoted on his blog to help describe his Tablescape! (What a GORgeous table he had this week- I think he must be a professional photographer too!) What Bill didn't tell you is that HE is the one that inspired me to collect my Ironstone! Yes! I saw those beautiful plates on one of his Tablescapes and I just FELL in LOVE with them. I love them so much that I decided to use them as my every day plates as well. Like Bill says "I would rather risk breaking a few here and there than to have a perfect set left when I die"! So true, what are we saving the "good stuff" for? USE it! Thanks so much, Bill! What a great addition to my birthday celebration!
So this week (I had just finished my table when I saw Bill's post about my Ironstone, so I am glad I used it- again!) I did a 4th of July Tablescape.(I was impressed with the whole Shakespeare thing going on over at Bill's that I put in a little rhyming action of my own!)

How we love the red, white and blue-

our love for our country ever true-

Candles sparkle like our nation shines!

Independent and Free- a country so fine!

The place setting

The napkins reminded me of the three cornered hats (Ok, I am getting a little carried away here!)

Here is a close up of the silver- I bought 38 pieces for $3.95! I didn't even look in the bag they came in- didn't see the pattern or anything, I just scooped it up. I tried finding the pattern name, but couldn't find it anywhere. I love the set. It looks kinda Americanaish, don't ya think?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Inspired Tablescape

Friday is Nana's birthday (51) so instead of a pity party, I decided to decorate my Table in honor of me!!! (At my age, I should take whatever party I can get!) So I got my birthday hat out from last year (don't ask me why I saved it!) and my Queen for a day wine (not whine) glass also from last year- threw in 2 little shakers from my daughter's wedding 2-1/2 years ago (yeah, I save a lot of stuff- wasn't even doing tablescapes back then!) and added them to the table for fun. I didn't want any dishes to do for my birthday, so- no dishes for Nana! I put down 2 pinks and one blue napkin for the runner used some blue and pink candles (not 51- didn't need that many!) and I really like it! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! (hehehe)

*I also added some of my trials of the "Blue Hour" at the end of the post. I am so fascinated by that- my husband thinks I am a nut for randomly taking nighttime pictures just for the blue! (Blue is my favorite color!)

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If you can't be a Diva on your birthday, when can you?

I love presents! (hint-hint)

The Blue hour:

We were at a friends house for their daughter's graduation party and I happened to look out the window and thought, hmm, it is about that time! You can actually see a difference through the viewfinder on my camera. It is so beautiful!

Have a Blessed week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is happening at Nana's?

I haven't written anything worthwhile here lately, but am very happy that I still have the blog going- at least doing something here every week. I love to go blogging and I am amazed at what great blogs there are out there. Mind you the ones that I frequent are Catholic/Christian, decorating, home living, cooking, organic, sewing- all the stuff that is dear to my heart and I hope to learn something from these blogs and I do! What really amazes me is the time these bloggers put into their writing and pictures! How do they have time? The Tablescapes that I visit? Some of them post 40 some pictures (yes, I count)along with journaling and some throw in poems and stuff. I feel like I am good with just 7 pictures and some journaling. Another blog that I check from time to time has over 7000 followers! It is a sweet little blog about the daily happenings of her baby. She throws a few other things in here and there, but mainly it is about the baby and her other activities. She had a nice post about hearing a Missionary at her church and how she was convicted that day to not be ashamed to witness on her blog. (I thought she did a good job of this already) but she told how she broke down and cried under the conviction. Now she words things a bit different than how I have come to word/believe things in my Catholicity, but it all boils down to caring for other souls and I was impressed with that. So it sparked me to want to post more often on things that really mean something. On the same note- I was watching EWTN last night and a sweet little couple was touring Rome and showing the Catacombs. I had heard of the Catacombs, but didn't really know that it was the underground Catholic community. People, we have it made- we don't have to hide underground or make secret symbols or any of that- we can be Catholic Christians right out in the open! I have a Mary statue right in my yard! (I live on a busy street-I hope it gives people peace and reminds them of Jesus!)

Another great thing I like to brag about is getting stuff for cheap, cheap, cheap! I believe we need to be very careful stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with, and he has given me a great appreciation for a deal! Today, I went to Publix to buy Seventh Generation dish soap! It was a BOGO that I had 2 $1 coupons for. Grand total for 2 bottles was $1.20! (and it was my fav scent-Lavender!) I didn't have time to do any other shopping, but I wanted to get in on this deal before I forgot. I try to go shopping as little as possible, but when I have great coupons on the BOGOs- I go for it. Also, love that they take other stores coupons! Treat those coupons as dollar bills! And it is true- get 2 papers for just this occasion! The Tampa Trib is just $.50 on Sunday, so it is worth it for those extra coupons!

While I am bragging- have to plug my little JR! I got to see him yesterday and today and tomorrow at his cousin's birthday party. Yeah! This Nana is a happy, blessed lady!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Red and White Simplicity! Another Fav Tablescape!

*I am submitting the same tablescape for Tablescape Thursday,as last week- I only received 6 comments last week, so I figured, what the heck? I will use the same one! I would so appreciate a quick hello!

I used a cute little basket placecard holder as a napkin ring. (My sister, Tammy gave them to me).

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