Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still love my Christmas Tablescape! (Adjusted a bit)

I have had a wonderful, blessed Christmas and frankly, I am not in a hurry to take down the Christmas decorations, soooo, my Tablescape this week is like my last one, just adjusted a little. (Oh, and hey! I got my daughter to do a Tablescape too and she is all excited!)
Another view that glows:

I couldn't leave this nifty reindeer that I bought at Salvation Army the day after Christmas for $1.25- love it! Behind the reindeer is a very tall 3 wick candle I bought (new) at Salvation Army for $4 (yes, I am a candle freak!)
Don'tcha love the angel candlesticks? (Think Valentines' Day too!) and I took out the taper candle from my grandma's crystal candlesticks and put on a pillar and put a little wreath thingy around the bottom for a different look)

This is a huge pinecone from my sister's yard that I spraypainted and glittered. (The green dish was a gift that my daughter received a few years back that she didn't quite "appreciate".)
I played around with the flash and all, so some of these have a "glow"! The candle is actually gold, going along with my red and gold theme (that I also added a little green too) set inside a poinsettia dish.

Cute little gift box that I couldn't resist!

My place setting didn't change, but I still like it- (I have a thing for snowmen AND Christmas trees!)

I wanted to take a picture of my "endtablescape" Love my Santas and if you enlarge this picture you can see the Christmas tree my grandma made years ago is made of those large safety pins.
Couldn't leave out my Santa and Mrs. Claus Publix people. So I put them on the counter with my little Goodwill tart burner I got for $.75!
I also wanted to show my "3rd Christmas tree" on my dresserscape! I haven't been able to find a good candle for these candlesticks and so I put the bells my sister gave me on them! The cute little tree I got at Dollarama in our Mall.I hope you had a wonderful Merry Christmas and also that you have a very prosperous and Happy New Year! Be sure and check out www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com for Tablescape Thursday!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As I write this, it is 12:37 am Christmas morning! Yay! I have been so looking forward to Christmas this year- I have been working hard to get everything ready. I did a lot of sewing and some crafting this year- some of my projects were a bust, but hey- at least I tried! My successes were stockings that I made for 4 children in the family, including my grandboys! I had the fabric for a couple of years- and then I saw this super cute trim that I had to use! So I did- I will try and get a picture tomorrow. I also made some fleece hoodies- I had made one for my grandson for his birthday last month and my daughter wanted me to make one for his cousin, so I also made one for the cousin's sister (also a cousin of course!) and my other grandson, so I made 4 of them altogether and I feel like an expert on that pattern! Oh, I also made some magazine Christmas trees ala Martha Stewart and they came out really cute! They are such a "green" gift and nearly free if you already have the magazines. The ones she showed were a little plain, I thought so, I added a mini bulb ornament and some ribbon to mine. I also made a gift box, light thingy that my sister made at a Ladies Craft night at her church. She made me one, so I made my 2 girls one too. I always like to make something for the holidays, so I was pretty happy with how everything turned out.

We spent Christmas Eve at my sister's and that worked out because both parents were there (they have been divorced for nearly 40 years) I gave the ladies some Bath and Body works soaps (can't go wrong there!) and my sister some odds and ends- candles, tarts some cool old silver spoons that I found at Salvation Army (I wish I could thrill more people with Salvation Army finds!) and I had given her a Mag tree earlier and she gave me some cool stuff too- a 5 min hairdo book, a tart burner in the shape of a teapot (I have a semi- collection of teapots, so the more the merrier!) some bells (the larger ones I put on candlesticks instead of a candle- that looks pretty cool) a gold candle, that I promptly put in a poinsettia bowl on my tablescape, some votives and I can't remember what all now. (Glad I mentioned the teapot, because I forgot to get all excited about it when I thanked her for my gifts (she had dropped them off).

Well, I need to get up for Mass in the morning and I am so tired and I have a few things yet to do for Christmas (today!)

Have a Blessed Christmas!


Monday, December 21, 2009

It is almost CHRISTMAS!

I am really looking forward to Christmas! We historically have wonderful Christmases, but I guess with the grandboys, an element of extra fun is added! I just read an article about not feeling like you have to give an "obligatory" gift just because of what people will think of you if you don't give a gift. I happen to really like giving gifts and getting creative. This year, I do seem to have gone a little "Christmas Crazy" as my daughter would call it. On one side of our family, we don't really do a gift exchange, so my gifts there are a little less "flashy". I try to major on the kids, and give "couple/family" gifts where I can.
A gift is a sacrifice- in these times especially, and I don't feel like I can or want to give up gift giving. There is always something you can give someone and it is a great feeling!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas Tablescape!

I was really happy to bring out the Christmas dishes! They naturally lend themselves to red and gold! Didn't realize I had so much red and gold stuff! Yeah!

The tablerunner is.....wait for it..... wrapping paper!

Aren't the placemats cute? Found them at "The Tree" at the same time as my sister did, with the same idea in mind! (I had to bring her to my "Tree" as it is the most awesome one I have been to.
The place cards are Martha Stewart (love her!)

I love the St.Nick, old timey, Victorian Santa and I have a "thing" for salt and pepper shakers.

I splurged and bought a "second" tree for the dining room - I plan on using it for all the holidays- I love it! It was pre-lit and I hung some silver pinecones on it. (Just to say "I have 3 trees" this year, I bought a little 24" tree for my bedroom! I am a nut, huh?)Items of interest:
Dishes- Farberware- bought them 8 or 9 years ago at Winn Dixie after Christmas for $3 a set of four (I bought 2 sets)
Christmas glasses-thrift store- .49 each
Topiary- Michaels about 3 years ago
Salt and Pepper shakers-gift about 11 years ago
Candles- tapers- Walgreens 2/1.00, pillars- JoAnnes $2.50 each, candlerings- from my mom- ancient I am sure
Napkins- Wal-mart (I think)
Christmas balls- huge container at Salvation Army-$1
Gold Christmas trees- "The Tree"
Silverware- it is silver that my Mother in law had- probably at least 50 years old

So as you can see, I don't spend a lot on individual items- most of it I have had- I like to challenge myself! Like my sister says, the fun is in the hunt!

Be sure and check out www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com for some awe inspiring tablescapes! And if I miss you next week because of Christmas- have a very blessed and very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A new Advent Tablescape

Well, it is still Advent, so I just changed up a few things on my Tablescape.

I used a larger Advent wreath that I found at Salvation Army last week.
Used my grandma's crystal candlesticks
I switched the plates (the bottom says Chippendale) $10 from Salvation Army (the Salvation Army is WAY too close to my house!)
I put this little gift boxes in my grandma's candy dish, and put some poinsettias around the pillar candles

I found the silver candlestick on the left below- I put a pillar on it, added the glittery Christmas trees, and put a nifty bell (really a door hanger) in the gravy boat

Close up of silver candlestick
I put some Christmas balls in my fav fruit bowl
Hope you enjoy! Love reading my comments! Thanks! Check out www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com for some beautiful tablescapes!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Wedding Tablescape!

I liked my Advent Table from last week so much, that I decided to keep it and this week I am posting pics of a wedding that I catered back in the summer. I worked with my daughter, son in law and hubby and we had a great time!

This first picture was the punch and tea table note the "chocolate covered" strawberries (hersey kisses!) I think I got more compliments on the cheese ball than anything else!

On this table we have pinwheels (my idea, son in law's creation), Shrimp cocktail, pasta salad and sweet and sour meatballs.

Here we have bread basket, bread dip, chicken salad, watermelon basket (complete with a little heart!) and a veggie tray.
The total buffet.
The bride, Mrs. L was happy, so that made us happy. She is the daughter of one of my longtime friends.Here is a close-up of some of the food (food makes the best decorations, huh?)

The first is egg salad (doesn't sound too exciting, but there were no leftovers of that!)
Here are the yummy pinwheels- we had them again for pre- Thanksgiving dinner munchies.We had some beautiful strawberries and son in law cut the pineapple- so pretty and good!Thanks for looking! Just thought I would share something a little different this week. Be sure and check out www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com for some beautiful Tablescapes! Thanks, Susan for hosting this fun event! I have been having such fun not only decorating my table, but just looking at it all week. God Bless!