Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our little Punkin's time at the Pumpkin Patch!

In the Fall, it has become our tradition to take JR to the Pumpkin Patch- mostly for pictures of course, but we did make a few purchases also! Grampy and I got to the patch first, so I had to take a few prep pictures (you know, checking the lighting, etc!)

I love pumpkins and they just make the cutest subject photographically speaking!

The ugly duckling pumpkin...

A witch went by and cast an evil spell on this one apparently...

I love the looong stems on the pumpkins, don't you?

Now this pumpkin is a cutie!!

My SIL came along this year, since we went on a Saturday! Yay!

Check out the cute face on little JR!

Nana (Yay! I got in one!) and Grampy with the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

Grampy helping pick out a pumpkin for JR's front porch.

Who needs orange pumpkins when you have this?


Grampy and Little Mama!

Ya know- JR should be used to the camera by now!

JR didn't like the odd looking ghourd!

When we got back to JR's house and had a delicious lunch, JR had a great time playing with bubbles and of course he looked way too cute!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a.......

We had a little ultrasound party this past Monday. Little Mama HAD to find out what she was having. She could no longer wait. She couldn't. Her doctor's office didn't have an opening, so her fingers did some walking and she found this...

Little Mama and her SIL (who is JR's Godmother as well). Little Mama at some M&Ms to get the little one moving (that is the story she told anyway).

This is what the room looked like- plenty of room for a "party of 10".

Little JR waiting with daddy.
JR is looking at a book with daddy and Miss J (friend of my Son in law's Aunt who were down for a visit)
Little Mama's tech, Vanessa getting her already.

Little JR with Grandma M.

We all watched on the big screen.

JR wouldn't let Little Mama get anything done without him right beside her.
Isn't that sweet?

It was an awesome experience!

We could see our new grandchild.
Luckily she could tell.....(she wouldn't "call it, if she didn't see it")
We are sooo blessed and excited to meet our Miss GL!!

Just Call Me   N a n a!


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