Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ok, I am new to this blogging thing (well, I am getting more into it, let's say) and so in reading other blogs I have come across KITCHEN STEWARDSHIP- the writer is a young Catholic mom who has all kinds of interesting things in the order of green living, health, etc. I hope I have done this right- but here is the link- check it out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Visiting Johnny's world!

Yeah! I finally got to see my grandson this week -3 days in a row!! Yippee! Tuesday we went to Chilis for lunch and Grampy met up with us. Johnny drank out of a straw for the first time! I think he kinda scares himself with all that sudden liquid- and most of it doesn't make it down. Wednesday, we went to the mall and got Johnny a haircut with Aunt Beth (not really a blood relative aunt, but great friend of Nana's for about 20 years). Then we had some of my fav Chick Fil A nuggets (I know, not organic or anything, but sooo good) and sweet tea with extra lemon! Then today I went over with my trusty t-shirt folding thingy and helped Little Mama fold some clothes- I should say, some mountains of clothes. You know how it is- sick baby= no time to do anything unbaby related- at least the clothes made it through the wash. Add the Christmas undecorating and there is a lot of work going on there. I also made some chili before I left the house, which was a good thing- I pinched a nerve or something in my shoulder- been laying up since I got home. Little Mama felt bad that she worked me too hard, but I think it is just a coincidence. We took a little lunch break and had some BLT(and O)s with some no nitrate bacon. We watched her wedding video (another fav pasttime), and we just had a good time. Folded some more clothes and then went outside for some sunshine, a walk and some swinging time (translation- camera time for Nana)! Had a fun day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let it Snow! Tablescape!

I love snowmen and I have several, so now that the Christmas decorations are put away, the snowmen came out to play- figure I can keep them around here until Valentines Day if I want to- we don't get snow here in Central West Coast Florida, so this is as close as we get. (Actually, it is supposed to get so cold this weekend that snow flurries are a possibility! It gets cold here, people! Just not for very long!)

The centerpiece is a cake stand/ice pond for the snowmen that were a gift several years ago.
I love this little slinky snowman it holds a tealight, that I forgot to put in.

This is a papier mache snowman that my daughter made about 15 years ago (she is 27 now!)! I can't believe how long it has lasted! It looks the same as it did back then! It is just newspaper! Next to the paper mache snowman is the Publix snowpeople from several years ago- they don't make them anymore.

The pinecones are spraypainted with a gold wreathy thing around them and a little Christmas bulb on top. The white snowman is a tea light burner.

I used clear plates so you could see the snowman placemats. I bought them at "the tree" and they didn't have 4 of a kind so I used 2 sets of 2 different ones. The napkins are just white ones I got at a thrift store with 2 napkin rings also from "the tree". I was so happy when I realized I actually had 4 of these cute little snowman mugs!
Two more snowmen salt and pepper shakers and the white reindeer hung around from the last tablescape.
No Snowscape would be complete without a sled and no Tipton table would be right without candles! The red is a woven type fabric that I curled around the center- on top of a lacy runner.
That was a fun tablescape! Hope you enjoy! For some more tablescape enjoyment, check out I haven't figured out how to link properly to her blog- it keeps messing up! But thanks, Susan for being our hostess for Tablescape Thursdays! This is my 12th tablescape and I am enjoying it so much!

Have fun!