Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I can iron this out..

Ironing is something that I view as an ongoing necessary unfun job. Hubs and I go back and forth about this subject. So, I have made the decision being as that laundry is my domain and Hubs works hard and wrinkly clothes are nasty- I have designated myself as the (unwilling) ironess (if that isn't a word, it is now!) So, I had been threatening to get this extra wide ironing board-I didn't want to spend actual money on it, but I also couldn't find one at the thrift store, so I bit the bullet (would have rather spent the money on Pandora, but, oh,well) here are pictures of my mack daddy ironing board. For the low? price of $44.97 you, too, can iron your clothes in ironing board splendor!

Where would an ironing board be without a good iron? Got this Rowenta baby at the SA for $4.99!!

(Please ignore the crooked candle in the background)

Isn't she a beauty??
 I thought it was funny that the ironing board cover was wrinkled, but look at the width!

Oh, the garments we will iron!

She is all powered up and ready to go! I did 7 shirts on her maiden voyage!
Now, I just have schedule my ironing every week. My sister, the Domestic Diva at work, would be so proud!

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Nana (and Grampy) Time at the Mall

Our favorite lunch spot seems to have become the Mall Food Court, namely Chick Fil-A to be exact- Nana needs her nugget fix at least once a week! Grampy joins us! Good times!

Nana gets the food and takes the pictures so Grampy can have some JR time! That face is to die for isn't it?(Umm, JR's! Ok, Grampy's too!)

Feel the love!

I never did this with my own kids (hehe), but JR was not going back into the stroller, so Little Mama suggested a bribe (where did she learn this stuff??)

He immediately put one in his cheek and held it there! (We ended up throwing most of them away,so don't judge).

A good day with my JR and Little Mama (and Grampy/Hubs!)

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Favorite Movies of all time

In my new hobby of blog-hopping, I have come across several blogs that I have to stalk
visit everyday! One of them is The Pioneer Woman. She does everything on her blog- cooking, photography, contests... Today, she listed the 5 movies that she would drop everything to watch- this got me to thinking about my favorite movies- I think there are way more than 5- I am a movie freak from waaay back. The Pioneer Woman had 3 movies on her list that I had never heard of, but judging by her good review of the lipstick I like and listing Gone With The Wind as one of her drop everything movies too- I may just have to Netflix them. Here are my very fav (no particular order) drop everything (also known as "you are watching that again?") to watch movies:

1) The Sound of Music
2) Back to the Future(1,2,3)
3) The Family Stone
4) Martian Child
5) Gone With The Wind
6) Step-Mom
7) Titanic

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

PuPpY PoWeR!

My nephew stayed with us for few days a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with our little granddog chihuahua,Cheechee (who we got custody of when he snipped at the grandbaby, but who has been an angel at our house). So, he asked his mom to get him a chihuahua too. She delivered. She found 2-on Craigslist. The conditions where the little cuties were being held (hostage)were so deplorable, that she took both of them and kept one for herself.

That is Scrappy on the left and Scarlett on the right.

Scarlett,the spoiled little princess.
Cutie patooties!

She is tiny, but acts so big!
I am soo (kinda) glad that they didn't have 3 puppies that needed a home!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ahhh! Make-up!!

I have been in a crisis situation the last few days with NO face make-up!  I ran out of just the mineral face powder and the ever necessary moisturizer-I have been in survival mode,just getting by. I had ordered some,but it hadn't come in until- TODAY! Yippee!! I felt like doing a little happy dance at my mailbox! Sheer happiness (Hubs was happy too!) About a year ago I switched to mineral makeup and I love it! As some of you might know,it can be a litte pricey. I found a mineral make-up company that sells the loose mineral powder and a wonderful selection of other mineral make-up and moisturizers for 1/3 the price for 3 times as much product. My first introduction to the mineral make-up world was at a Mall kiosk. I don't want to mention the price. I still have quite a bit of the eyeshadow and all the brushes I bought then,so feel I did get a lot for my money, but I also knew that when it came time to order replacements, that I better find a cheaper source. Sooo, that I did. I went to my wonder source- eBay and won a trial kit and now, I just order from their website. www.mymineralglitters.com

Give it a try- you won't be disappointed.

Oh, make-up, sweet, sweet make-up-I was so glad to see you!!!( Let me explain- the little baggie is a lightener, not something else and the little jar is a sample of the light powder- I mix medium, light and the lightener to get a good color for me.)
I got my cute little Kaboodle at Salvation Army!! I was too cheap to buy a new one and low and behold, found the same exact one for $2.99!!

So, in celebration of the blessed event (new make-up in the mail), I cleaned out my Kaboodle and washed all my make-up brushes! It certainly takes a lot for all this beauty you know! HAPPY MAKE-UP DAY!!

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It's Fall Y'all!!

Here in Florida it still feels like summer-although it does feel a little cooler at night,but that matters not- I love Fall and everything pumpkiny!! I have yet to see any pumpkins at the store, but I am ready!! I just had to do a Fall table! When the real pumpkins show up- they will be added quite happily!



The table setting (above). The ironstone is my every day Ironstone by Johnson Bros,- I (or my sister, Tammy) have found each piece at the thrift store!
I found several of these cute little pumpkins (above) at the thrift store.
My black and white (new) tradition.
As always- thanks goes to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting our fun tablescape party every week. I have been participating for almost 2 years now! Good times!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If a Spider Could talk...

(reposting this-something happened to the original post)

"I am an itsy bitsy spider (Ok,maybe I could stand  to lose a few grams)"

"I am simply exhausted from spinning this web".

"Oh, the paparazzi surrounding this clothesline, just won't leave me alone!"

"I don't look so good in this light".

"Photographer lady, you need a flash..."

"Hurry, catch this pose"

"Photographer lady, yoo-hoo, I am over here"!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"

This is Nana speaking now-I spent waaay too much time trying to take the perfect spider web picture!
I was thankful that I had a load of laundry-otherwise I might not have seen this beautiful web!

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