Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If a Spider could talk...

"I am an itsy bitsy spider (Ok, I might have a few grams to lose)".

"I am simply exhausted from spinning this web".
"A girl can never get her beauty sleep with all that camera shutter noise!"
"Where is the proper backdrop for my photo session?"

"I think possibly you need to use a tripod and some extra flash, picture lady!"

"Honestly, the paparazzi on this clothesline are just too demanding!"
"Hey, crazy photographer lady! Over here- those are just leaves you are looking at!"

"Lady! Come on, I don't have all day- those are just more leaves!"
This is absolutely the last picture I am posing for!"

This is Nana speaking now- I spent waaaay toooo much time trying to get a good picture of that crazy orb (that is what Hubs called it) spider while my clothes were waiting to be hung on the line!!! No, I didn't use this line today. How could I do that when this spider gave me such a sweet gift for the day? Just think, what if I didn't have laundry to do today? I might not have gotten to see it!

Just Call Me   N a n a!

Life is Good!

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GHAZALA said...

Treat for eyes thanks for posting such beautiful work of art. I enjoyed watching it with my daughter.AN INSPIRING AND ENERGETIC NANA .