Sunday, September 4, 2011

Forgiveness/ PS

Today's Readings and Homily were all about forgiveness. I especially liked the story that Father Madden told about not getting along with an office worker in a church he was at before St. Cecelia's. It was quite funny and what I loved was that Father Madden is so real with his personal tidbits. I like the fact that he makes us remember that he is human too, all the while of course, testifying to the fact that forgiveness helps US, the forgiver.  It may or may not change the forgivee. We are only responsible for the initiating of the forgiveness, not in how it is received, which is what makes it hard for us to do. "To err is human, to forgive, divine." How true is that? We certainly need God's divine assistance in the forgiveness area. Father Madden also mentioned being finally able to forgive someone that had betrayed him years earlier. How can we be completely joyful, with unforgiveness in our heart? Lord, I pray that people have forgiven me if I have done anything to keep them from having joy. I feel like I am pretty forgiving and I certainly pray to be full of Joy!!!!

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PS- Just wanted to mention the sweet nun who visited St.C's today. She was a sweet little lady all dressed in a pretty pink habit. She was full of JOY! You could see it on her face. Do you want to know what her ministry is?? She works in a poor community (I think she said Sabu? not sure where, ugh) where human traf

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