Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do the Math...Please!

Ok, ok, I know I have my level of craziness. I also know that after I walk away, many a cashier might have a cute little name for me. Like "Weird Coupon Lady", "All that for a Dollar? Woman", or "Coupon Binder Nut". Most of the time I deserve it and even embrace it- I am ok with it- I have saved the money and won the race! Ok, maybe I only saved a quarter, but I won something. Anyway, all that is well and good, BUT tonight I had to take a few things back to the store. Hubs bought a few unneeded things at very unnecessary prices if you get my drift. The girl did some weird ring-up-item-then-subtract-item new math clearly not taught in the '70s when I went to school. You know me-I had already figured out my approximate refund by using everyday pre-21st Century math. She came up with a total that I instantly knew was not enough! I pointed out this fact by touching each item, counting up the price of each by using a little method I like to call "rounding up". By using this little technique I knew my amount was at least 2 whole dollars than what her new age cashier math was coming up with. She didn't get it. Finally she did look at the receipt and added another $1.25. I said, "well, it still isn't right, but whatever". Ok, now if you were the cashier in this instance, wouldn't you want to know you added it up right? If it were me I would be taking that receipt and getting this little tool I like to call a calculator and figure it out! I walked away (feeling kinda stupid) and stood among the canned goods and got out my handy little Jetson phone calculator and YEP! I knew it!! I was right!!! $5.49, $1.25, $1.25 and $1.67 = $9.66. I walked around the store and at a couple of things I wanted to price all the while just kinda fuming that I was being shorted. What would you have done? It was the principle of the thing. So, I grabbed the dog food and went back up to the counter. I handed her the (incorrect) refund receipt that she had given me and said, "will you please do me a favor and re-add this (how about getting a calculator?)" and she called someone else over(who I think got it right away) and asked for the "other" receipt that she gave me. I practically emptied my purse- that was the receipt you gave me- she finally refunded me the correct amount but she really didn't want to. I know it is crazy, but 1) I don't like being made to feel stupid, 2)my beans were going back on the shelf 3)I certainly don't like being shorted this little thing I like to call money! Ever! Be it .10 or $10. Oh, silly me!!

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