Monday, September 19, 2011


I am proud to say,that,yes, I have started to plan for Christmas 2011 already. This is huge for me! I can also boast of actually buying a few things too! Yippee!! This year has been a rough one financially, so I really have to start early and be creative! Tonight, I officially opened Nana's Christmas Shop in my Craft room. I am working on a few handmade ideas. I will post pictures when I get it done. Maybe, I will do some pictures as I go. I love Christmas, but sometimes feel overwhelmed at all I want to do. Now that I have grandboys, I should have started Dec. 26, 2010, but I didn't!!! Well, we are all in this together and of course the main thing is to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and for me giving gifts is always a big and fun part of that. Giving is a sacrifice I choose to embrace!! I also feel that the Holiday seasons begin with putting a pumpkin or 2 here or there, then a Pilgrim or two then the Advent Candle and then Christmas!! Good times, people!!

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