Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Potato Peeler War...

Ahhh- sisterly love. Ain't it great? Yes, most of the time it is!! But it is times like this that make you blurt out a little chuckle. Yes, we actually had a little back and forth "observation" on of all things, a potatoe peeler. I said, "No, my potato peeler is better!" She said, "No mine is." Me- "No!!! MINE IS!" Her-"No, mine." You get the drift. I LOVE my potato peeler- which I brought to our sons' house (her 2 sons and my Baby Boy are roomies )for her to borrow. I brought it to lovingly share its awesomeness with her(I guess she doesn't let her peeler travel?). I wanted her to know what a really good potato peeler was like. I share these things. (All I have is my food and food equipment.) Well, it apparently wasn't as good as her beloved potato peeler. I couldn't believe she didn't like my little Peeler Baby. She said it "sucks". I was crushed, people. "Move over,(what are you doing wrong with my peeler?)I will peel..." Well.. my peeler did not like her cold spuds, so it had to be her fault, right? Clearly Peeler Baby doesn't do cold potatoes. I guess it was stressed out, poor thing. It is resting quite nicely in its drawer now wating for some nice room temperature potatoes to peel.

PS for the record, we have also had "discussions" on who has gotten their Pampered Chef stoneware the darkest. (It has to be ME.)

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Domestic Diva said...

Your sisters potato peeler is better because it doesn't discriminate against chilled or room temperature potatoes, between white, red or Idaho potatoes! We will have to have a third party unbiased judge on which potato peeler is better. Mine is a Cutco.....would love some input!

emptynester3 said...

Ha ha definitely want to try it! Seriously,though I was thinking my blade was dull–it wasn't acting like itself!