Monday, May 23, 2011

Where have I been?

Nana has been pretty busy keeping up with the kids and grandkids! Here are some pics:

This is little JR at our fav lunch spot (Chick Fil-A).

 Here we are at the condo that our daughter and son in law were visiting: JR sat in my lap for the longest time. (at least 5 minutes, but that is good in JR time!)

Drinking his juice- love his stanz!

 Little Mama and JR.

Uncle B with the boys!
Here JR is golfing on the beach!

 We are just missing my 2 son in laws in this one (they joined us later).
 Nana with JR and our new grandson SJ is in the background.
 SJ playing with shells.

Been having a great time just being Nana!