Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coupons and Wal-mart Woes!

I am a believer in coupons- I view them as money! I got a little more involved with them last year (before the TV show,even)and trade coupons and try to buy multiple papers each week. I have a notebook with divided sections with baseball card holders for said coupons. I try not to buy anything without a coupon. Lately, though, the coupons just don't seem to be as good. I am at the point where I will only stock up on the things I REALLY need. I have a stock-pile (not a hoard) of many items, but my stockpile of certain things need more work more often- namely detergent and coffee. If I don't have a coupon, I at least wait until the item is BOGO. Thankfully, many of my daily items do go on BOGO.I think a year supply stockpile is a good idea in this day and age. I can't tell you how comforting it is when funds are in short supply, that I don't have to run out and buy too much of anything. It is one of a very few ways we can save money.
My other saving money approach is Wal-mart. I do their price matching. Boy, oh boy, though, have I had issues. With their recent changes, it seems that none of their employees are on the same page. Most recently, I wanted to price match my detergent that went on sale at a competitors store. That was fine, price matched done. But, when I went to use my coupons for the same detergent- they wouldn't take them. (What? I ALWAYS do that!) "Nope- we don't price match and take a coupon too". (What? since WHEN???) So, the 18 year old boy manager told me they never have' matched and taken a coupon- hmmm, I know that isn't true and besides,then what is the advantage??? Not only that they refused 2 other coupons - still don't know why on those. So, Nana did what she hates to do, and called Wal-mart's corporate office. The girl I spoke with was very sweet and said it didn't seem right,she would pass the info on and make sure the store gets my complaint. Ok, so the next day the manager (not the 18 year old)called me and I explained my problem and he said the coupons should have been taken (I knew I wasn't crazy- at least not in THIS instance!)So he offered me a $10 gift card and I went to retrieve it the next day! He said just tell whoever is at the counter I said it was ok. Well, I must have seemed like the CRAZY I JUST WANT A FREE GIFT CARD lady to them, but I somehow managed to make them believe me and I got my gift card, then I was BOLD enough to actually try the detergent price matching dealio all over again. (Ok, I am crazy!) It worked, but not without a little training on my part to the cashier- thankfully, the head cashier lady said, yes, we can take them (coupons on price matching) now. WOW- I will do anything for detergent! So anyway, I bought 3 detergents and a fabric softener for $3.26- not bad for a crazy lady, huh?!!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Baby's Baby Shower!

 (Please note: I am linking up with Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday- there are a few table decorations to view- just scroll through ;~) thanks for visiting! )

We had a beautiful shower on Saturday for Little Mama! Her C-section is scheduled for March 21- so we are counting down the days! Here are some pictures- the lighting was bad and my camera does not like any movement WHATSOEVER!And a few were taken by other people,but you get the gist:

The first couple of pictures are the day before- working on some decorations and favors-

Here is Grandma M working hard? She made pens with flowers- we got the idea off the internet- had to do them! (I wonder who got this one?? oh, well!)
We made bootie cups (sounds funny, huh?) out of styrofoam cups- another internet/blog? idea we had to copy.
We took a break for lunch that conveniently included our grandson!

and our daughter/daughter- in- law-
The Grammas! (We call each other Gramma!)
Shower time- Here is Little Mama with her niece, K- I just pinned on her paci corsage!
Little Mama walking in-
It was a cupcake theme.

My sister, Tammy and friend from work, Cindy!

Great Grandma M and Aunt Kathy
Little Mama!

My two girls-
The Pink Ladies-

For JR-
Accidental self-portrait:
Little Mama's sister and I bought her the stroller-
These are the soaps Mrs. D made for the favors-
Aren't they cute?
"Auntie loves me"
The little cupcake dress I made- found some really cute cupcake barrettes to go with it:
Letters for the baby's nursery:
We had Little Mama and Daddy's baby pictures:
The diaper cupcake I made!

Nana and Mommy!

We had a blessed day and are so thankful to be welcoming our little granddaughter next month!!!!

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