Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eleven things!

Hello! Happy February already!!
Just like any other blog hopping blogger, I have a few favorite blogs that I check into regularly and from those blogs I find other blogs to look at. I recently was visiting Kelly's Korner I, along with 11,000 other bloggers, follower her! She has a little girl my grandson's age, and she does some other sweet things, so I am a regular visitor! Anyway, one of my visits there I looked at her list of "Blogs I read" and there was one that I thought sounded interesting "Happy Ever Afters of the Lancasters" We have friends with that last name, so I clicked on it. Very beautiful blog, sweet stories, pretty pictures. BUT, get this- in one of her wedding pictures, (cause, yeah! I look at wedding pictures!) I saw a man (her grandfather) that looked so much like my former Pastor- with a little more blog detecting I found out it WAS! Small world, huh?? Ashley is my daughters' age and her daughter is my grandson's age too!
Ashley just did a post on "11 Random things about me" that someone tagged her on, so I used that as a blog prompt. Here goes!

Eleven Random Things About Me
1. I was born in California- left there when I was 2 so I don't remember it at all, but as I child I always said "I was born 20 miles from Hollywood!

2. I like to sew and am currently working on some grandbaby things for the baby shower next week! My grandmother helped me make a prom dress and years later I made prom dresses for my daughter and her friend.

3.I have a clothes folding problem- I put it off as long as possible, but somehow don't mind helping my daughter out! I also like to hang my clothes to dry- I love the smell and the cheapness!

4.I haven't had a dishwasher for over 20 years!! Not by choice! In the last few houses we lived in there just wasn't one- and in our current house, we have lived here 17 years-there isn't room in the 1950's era kitchen. Soooo, when we move sometime later this year- WE WILL HAVE A DISHWASHER!

5.My husband and I eloped 33 years ago this past September! Back in the day big, fun weddings weren't the norm (remember cake, punch and nuts??) and being from a split family, I guess I figured it was best- yes, I regretted not having a wedding, so 28 years later, after converting to the Catholic faith, we got married in the Church- big wedding complete with my daughters as my bridesmaids and a big reception! It was great!

6. I am a smell freak. Ok, I said it- I can't help it! Drives my husband crazy! I love the smell of Dish Soap, Gain detergent, and Yankee Candles! I burn candles and have plug-ins because if I ever thought my house smelled like the 3 dogs we have I would die! I also love the smell of coffee- loved the smell before I drank it!! I love the PINK spray from Bath and Body Works!

7.I am a junk food junkie- I try real hard to eat healthy, alas even organic food whenever possible, but I LOVE chips and french fries! The 2 most horrible things we could eat! Thankfully, I only indulge with my Weight Watcher 1 oz.

8. I lost 20 pounds last year! Yes, it took me about 9 months. I am not a dieter. But I did a modified Weight Watcher- the Points Plus plan which I really did like. I plateaued for about 2 months and decided I really didn't want to pay the monthly fee anymore, so I dropped out- I have been maintaining since, but really need to get busy and lose about 20 more! Maybe I will rejoin someday soon.

9. I love sweet tea! Years ago, I gave up Coke (it is pure poison for our bodies!) so I substituted sweet tea with extra lemon- which is still partly bad, but I try not to drink more than 1 a day.

10. I love movies! I also love musicals!

11. I love being with family, texting, cleaning (illusion of clean anyway) and being frugal (had a few more to add!)

Questions to Answer (from Ashley's blog)
1. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
I have a few- Right now I love "Raising Hope"- it is quirky, but I can relate to it somehow!

2. Name one song that you like to jam out to that is totally embarrassing. I don't jam out too often but at weddings I love "Celebrate" and "We are Family" this ol Nana will "rock out" to those!

3. Where do you want to send your kids to school? Public/private/homeschool?
Well, all my kids are grown, but we homeschooled for the most part- I do wish we had done it from the beginning, because the transition was a bit tricky- my oldest daughter was in high school before she started, so that was difficult.My other 2 children did mostly homeschooling.  I believe Catholic Christians/Christians should homeschool if at all possible. I wasn't the best teacher a lot of the time, but I firmly beieve that they were better off at home and I think we are closer today for it. I am not a fan of schools "labeling" children and that was a big reason we homeschooled too.

4. One food you will never grow tired of? I love food!!! My all time fav is Mexican, but I love Greek and Italian too.

5. What is your favorite Pinterest search? I have been in baby mode with the shower coming up, but I also love the home decorating.

6. Did you order Girl Scout cookies? If so what kind?This is a funny one- when my girls were young we did scouts- I was a leader and everything-well we did cookies of course and what a nightmare- one year, the cookies got ants in them and I refused to give them to the people who ordered them-this didn't go over well with the other leaders- meanwhile, we moved and left our Girl Scouting days behind us!

7. What color do you decorate with most? Right now we have beige couches so anything goes, but I love blues- when we move I can't wait to start all over again.

8. Which store is a total guilty pleasure? I am not much of a shopper, but I MUST have Pandora, Coach/Dooney and Bourke and make-up!! So, eBay is a good fun time! I have an online source for my make-up and Bond Jeweler for my Pandora (not as often as I would like!) For clothes, you ask? I REFUSE to pay Mall prices for clothes- I love thrift stores, but I am very picky and will only buy very new looking items.

9. What are your favorite baby names? I still love my children's names (Tiffany, Amy and Bradley)- tried to use different names, but they all ended up being fairly popular ones!

10. What is your dream home vision? I am at the age where I have given up living in my dream home- maybe now my dream "mobile" home would be more accurate! I love Country, Victorian, Old English, Antique- When we move, I am going to challenge myself to really find some fun unique furniture to decorate with.

11. Is your current job your dream job? Ya know, after high school I never had an inkling of what I wanted to do as a "career". Upon graduation a friend of mine got me a job as a server at a Pizza Place,where I met my hubby. We married a year later and once the children came, I wanted to be home with them, so I continued working at night- then I had some odd jobs- then I homeschooled, worked at our church part-time doing secretarial work and I worked as kitchen manager (big church) and I catered weddings and other events. Seven years ago, I needed some fast cash, and I went back to waitressing- although it isn't my "dream" job- I love the freedom that I have- the ability to work extra if I want and get what days off I need. I have time to be a Nana and a homemaker. (Someday, I would really love to get into Photography)
Sooo, YES!


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