Thursday, February 26, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

This could probably be the title of many a blog! Anyway, Baby Boy got into a car accident yesterday. He was running an errand for work and on his way back, he had turned into the parking lot and was getting ready to turn right- into his parking spot when a car behind him passed him- on his right side!! What the heck? I can only imagine he thought Baby Boy was turning left instead? I don't know. So, anyway after he hit BB, he lost control of his car (or maybe he had already?) and hit a parked car (co-worker of BB). Hubs came down to "help" and they ended up managing to drive the car to the repair shop. (No towing on our insurance). This is the 2nd time BB has been in an accident in 1 and 1/2 years! The last one a policeman hit him (just pulled right out, on the chase in a speed trap and didn't have his lights on- in a area under heavy construction- pitch dark. Neither time was a ticket issued- the first one, I suppose because it was a cop and the second time because it happened on private property! I guess the best place to get into an accident is in a parking lot.
Hopefully, the car won't be in the shop long...

Family stuff- My Lil Sis is preg and mentioned using my middle name for one of the middle names of her baby should it be a girl. This sounds all nice and everything, but my middle name happens to be one that has been passed down from my Grandmother to my Mother, Mother to me and me to my first daughter and her to her yet unborn, possible daughter (she isn't expecting yet though) so that didn't sit well with my DD#1. So, I went to bat for her to my sister (after a big family blow out email blitz with everyone expressing their opinions). I told my sister that yes, she could name her baby whatever she wanted, but to chose that particular name when it really upset my daughter (they are just 11 years apart) wasn't a good thing and could she reconsider. We all went back and forth- I don't know why she wanted that name- but she managed another name! Anyway, I was glad. Of course we haven't had a girl on this side of the family in almost 25 years (9 boys!) so it will be interesting to see what plays out.

Lent- today is the first day of Lent! I can't believe it! This will be my 5th Lent and I am hoping to make a better Lent than the last couple of years. I went to Mass and didn't have any meat today. I usually try hard to not eat meat every Friday of the year as a self-denial thing. It sounds easier than it is. We didn't celebrate Lent in my previous denomination, and I don't know why. Everyone can benefit from some Penitential, self-denial- we are so into ourselves, aren't we? In addition to the no-meat Fridays (and today, Ash Wednesday (well yesterday by the time this gets published) I want to try and not eat junk (want to be better at that everyday anyway- Lent is a good time) and attend at least one more Mass a week (or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament which is really a great gift, too). I haven't plugged into a church that much, attend one particular one most of the time, but go to others in the area as well. I miss being involved somewhat. I was so involved in my other church, it got to be too much. I guess that is what is holding me back. I feel like I have totally moved to another state or something!

I LOVE being Catholic!!

Praise Be to God!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the Kitchen

This week I actually whipped up some goodies in the kitchen. First- I had just gone shopping and forgot the mayo! Yikes, can't live without that for very long, so I had just run across an email recipe from my friend who makes EVERYTHING her family eats from scratch. Yes, I made mayonnaise. It is so easy! and delicious! (and you know exactly what is in it!) Another day this week, I made bread, sweet rolls and tortillas. The bread was good and I made quesadillas tonight and they were yummy! And frugal- used leftover chicken I had in the freezer.

I haven't seen JR (grandson) all week!! Hubs and Babyboy (20 year old son!) both had colds, so Little Mama gets a bit freaked about germs- can't blame her. Oh, well- I was blessed to be with him all last week. So, it was Grandma #1's turn this week. Son#2 (son in law) got some food poisoning this week and was really sick too.

Found out today that my Lil Sis is preggo. She is 38 and has an almost 7 year old son. She just moved to Alaska (born and raised in FL!) to be with her hubby who is stationed there. That will be good for her. She is due in August.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Protect Us--

Night, night-


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thriftiness and Contentment

Well, I meant to post about the silly coffee/thrifty thing I did the other day. Publix had our coffee buy one get one free and the bags had a $1 coupon on them. (I almost feel stupid posting this!) Anyway, so I was staying with my daughter and went up to Publix on the last day of the sale. I had 2 coupons for the coffee and I thought- I will get some zip-lock bags and pour the coffee into them cut out the coupons on the new bags and go back in the store and get 2 more bags- well, I did that twice! I had gone earlier in the week and my husband also got 2 bags, so I think we will have coffee stored up for awhile! In my calculations- we saved $35 just on coffee! I think that is pretty good!! It goes on sale a couple of times a year, so hopefully we will have enough to last us until the next sale (and note to Eight o'clock coffee- keep those $1 coupons coming!!)

My son-in-law (or son-in love as I have seen some refer to their in-law kids) got home on Sunday and my daughter missed him so much! Grampy (my hubby) and I got the boot out of there pretty quick- I think she was getting tired of me. I was glad to get home too- 5 days away was a lot. I don't think I have ever spent that much time away from home (we are only talking 15 miles here, but...) without hubby. I worked one full day and part of another one and we had a wedding on Saturday to attend, but I spent quite a bit of time there and every night. I did learn a valuable lesson. No matter how discouraged I might get with my little old house- it is home. My daughter lives in a house about 3 times as big as mine and it is really nice and I love it for her, but I was happy to get home to my (very) little castle. I certainly have learned to be content for the most part.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

this and that

I haven't posted for awhile, but I do a lot of thinking about what I really want to post. I do enjoy "blogging"- reading others especially.

Thriftiness- We are doing BOGO coffees and using 2 $1 coupons- even my hubby is excited about it. I figure over a year's time, this system could save over $200 just on coffee, so that makes me happy about couponing again, which I started a bit more seriously a couple of months ago.

Thrift store finds- I went yesterday before Super Bowl and found a couple of good things. A brand new "tart" burner (hubs doesn't want me burning candles anymore with the A/C on, so) I bought this for $2.50 (also bought a couple of those warmer things since I have a ton of candles.

Church- went to Mass Saturday night for Vigil Mass- went to a different church (friends were going to a homeschool event there, so figured I would meet up with them (I am a homeschool alumni mom) it was very nice- thinking about going there permanently as the Church we attend now (our sponsors went there before we converted 5 years ago) is very far away- I love it though as we had all our first sacraments there- even our renewal/convalidation ceremony. I just need to feel more connected- have just been attending Mass and not getting involved with anything- I miss it (very active at my old Protestant church).

Going to be spending a few days at Little Mama's (my daughter's house). My son in law had a death in the family- his father's best friend for over 50 years- like an uncle to him- suddenly died while playing cards on a Saturday night. Very sad, but my son in law has a peace about it in something that happened as he was thinking about him and it all. We just never know in this life, do we? He was a Catholic and I am sure faithful- I got to meet him when my daughter got married. He was a sweet man and we had a good time with him. I have been thinking of his wife- I know I take my hubby for granted sometimes, and I can't imagine going through what she is going through right now. God Bless her.

Gotta go to bed.

Praise Be to God!