Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the Kitchen

This week I actually whipped up some goodies in the kitchen. First- I had just gone shopping and forgot the mayo! Yikes, can't live without that for very long, so I had just run across an email recipe from my friend who makes EVERYTHING her family eats from scratch. Yes, I made mayonnaise. It is so easy! and delicious! (and you know exactly what is in it!) Another day this week, I made bread, sweet rolls and tortillas. The bread was good and I made quesadillas tonight and they were yummy! And frugal- used leftover chicken I had in the freezer.

I haven't seen JR (grandson) all week!! Hubs and Babyboy (20 year old son!) both had colds, so Little Mama gets a bit freaked about germs- can't blame her. Oh, well- I was blessed to be with him all last week. So, it was Grandma #1's turn this week. Son#2 (son in law) got some food poisoning this week and was really sick too.

Found out today that my Lil Sis is preggo. She is 38 and has an almost 7 year old son. She just moved to Alaska (born and raised in FL!) to be with her hubby who is stationed there. That will be good for her. She is due in August.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Protect Us--

Night, night-


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Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

So you might be expecting a little leo for a niece/nephew. Leos are a handful just like me :).Interesting blog :)