Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busch Gardens and Nature walk with the Hubs!

Grampy and I went to Busch Gardens (without the kids! :~( but we had a good time! Aferwards we went home kinda the back way and stopped at a Nature Preserve. LOTS of photo ops!!
We had a good day!!

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How to make a diaper cake...

Thet last few baby showers I have attended, I have made diaper cakes as my gift. A month or so ago, I made one and took some pics during construction. The 3rd picture down should have been the first picture, but I couldn't get blogger to cut and paste- so anyway you roll the diaper up beginning with the top of the diaper- I used those little clear hair rubberbands. Then take the biggest rubberband you can find and start inserting the diapers.Once you have the desired sized layers done stack them on top of each other- now you are going to laugh, but I use a few chopsticks inserted down through the layers (they won't show) to keep the cake together. (I used chopsticks, because that is what I had on hand- got a bunch from work that they used for a promotion). I put the cake on a platter you can find at thrift stores or the Dollar Tree. Then take ribbon to cover up the ugly rubber bands and you can then tie it really tight and cut off the rubberbands. Insert little baby gifts- I usually use a rubber ducky or baby bottle in the top. My friend had a monkey theme, so I used the invitation on this one. They turn out so cute!

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Wedding Tablescapes!

Nana has been a little lax in the Tablescaping department. With all that I have going on (the thought of having to move, etc)I just haven't been on my game. So, here is my cheat for this week.
Grampy and I went to an extremely beautiful Latin Nuptial Mass and very lovely reception afterwards. The wedding was the daughter of one of our longtime friends. What was especially moving and goose-bumpy was that she was marrying a widower with 5 very young children. My friend was so thrilled to be getting 5 more grandchildren!! God is so good my friends!
It was a beautiful day!
As always, a big thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for this weekly party.

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Easter! He is RISEN!

I am a little behind in my posting- not my picture taking of course, but getting them on my blog! I hope you all had a wonderful, joyous Easter!! Remember, Easter isn't just one day! The reason we celebrate Easter is on-going! Praise Be to God!!!

I decided to make a Bunny cake- hadn't done one since the kids were little- but it was a big hit and it was yummy! As you can see here, it didn't start out too good! There are a few more pics of the cake down below,

Johnny got the hang of it pretty quick!

Grampy, Steven and Mrs. D (Tiffany).

Steven is so photogenic

As you can see, Johnny didn't want to put his eggs down!

There it is!

Steven cracks me up with his faces! His mom is a photographer, so he comes up with some good poses!
We had a beautiful, blessed day! HE IS RISEN!!

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