Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The dishes are baack!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the sweet comments last week welcoming me back after my little break! I just had to do a table this week after all that sweetness! I still have my centerpiece from several weeks ago that I changed up a bit- I figured the time to use the pumpkin stuff was coming to an end with Christmas just around the corner, right? My hubby didn't get down my Halloween or my Thanksgiving stuff this year- be lucky if he is feeling up to getting the Christmas stuff down- but anyway, here is my Thanksgiving table (which of course I won't use, since we are going to in-laws this year!) I decided to use green candles, napkins and glasses to pick up the green in the table runner. Then of course I got down my fave Ironstone (which I use everyday and love, love love it!)

Well, enjoy my table and thanks for visiting- I will try and visit some more tables this week.

Can you tell the sun was just streaming in from the front window to the left of the table?

 More sun!
 I love my cornucopia! The Dollar Tree flowers look pretty good in there! Whoops forgot to light that one candle! I am slipping!

 Turned the cornucopia around for a different view.
 Here in Florida there is no frost on the pumpkins, but mine are getting pretty ripe! (We did have a cold snap a few weeks ago though!)
 And I thought the green stuff was only good for Christmas and St. Patricks Day!

 There! Lit those candles- got a 3 set as a prize at the Baby Shower from last week!

Thanks for visiting and be sure and check out Between Naps on the Porch where our hostess, Susan lets us play in the dishes!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Changed the Nana picture!

Hi Everyone! I am back to working on my blog a little- been neglecting it with all the wedding stuff going on. The wedding was a month ago and now we are on to JR's 2nd Birthday this Saturday and of course the holidays. How do you like my new pic? Isn't my little vampire a cutie? (Not very scary, huh? Well, confidentially, the REAL reason I am using that pic is because one of my Facebook friends said I look really young in it!! So, tell me- what picture would YOU use?.... That's what I thought!)We had such a good time on Halloween- nothing too evil or scary, just the family having fun with the kids.

Until next time!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still taking a break, still love my fall table but...


Hello, Everyone!
Nana has been a little lazy with her tablescaping in the last few weeks, so much so that my sister, Tammy thought I had quit! Oh, no! Just taking a break- a lot going on at Nana's. This week I thought I would share a few tablescapes from a Baby shower I went to this past weekend. The shower was for my friend's daughter at my friend's house.
Here is the diaper cake that I made:
The presents make a nice tablescape too!
Another diaper cake- made such a cute centerpiece. The glass dishes next to the candles have a flower floating in water- very pretty.
The food table- I didn't think to take a picture before the feast!
Another pretty centerpiece with candles and flowers

Have a great and blessed week!
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