Thursday, November 11, 2010

Changed the Nana picture!

Hi Everyone! I am back to working on my blog a little- been neglecting it with all the wedding stuff going on. The wedding was a month ago and now we are on to JR's 2nd Birthday this Saturday and of course the holidays. How do you like my new pic? Isn't my little vampire a cutie? (Not very scary, huh? Well, confidentially, the REAL reason I am using that pic is because one of my Facebook friends said I look really young in it!! So, tell me- what picture would YOU use?.... That's what I thought!)We had such a good time on Halloween- nothing too evil or scary, just the family having fun with the kids.

Until next time!


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Farah Muzaffar said...

Welcome back Nana, your new picture is beautiful and the little cute grandson is cute...
Hope you would like to have a cup of tea with my cookies at