Friday, November 22, 2013

Better Post Halloween Pics before Christmas Decorations go up!

It has been our fairly new tradition to go to my son-in-law's brother's house for his annual Family Halloween Party. This year was our 6th year. We just have a wonderful time with family. The kids are adorable and the neighborhood is very Trick or Treat friendly.

 Check out these next few pictures- I love how little Jaxen (Bam-Bam) umm, found the pumpkin bucket!

Grampy working overtime!
Kathy, Tiffany and Steven in their Batman gear!
Let me just say that I am aware of the evil possibilities on Halloween, but Halloween is a Christian Holiday celebrating All Hallow's Eve in preparation for All Saints Day. Admittedly, things have gotten out of hand in the Halloween scary department, but for us, it is a good family day.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkins- at home and at the Patch

Nana couldn't resist this little cutie in the high chair- he stuck his adorable little tongue out for the longest time, just hanging out and being happy in his high chair, then we put him in the chair for more photo ops. Later on in the day, all but one of my sweeties met up at the pumpkin patch for our traditional fall pictures. We went a little later this year than usual, but we got a few good ones. Little Jaxen was not having it- not a fan of the hay! Arent they just flat out adorable?


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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What? It's October?? Well, better post some summer pics!!

We had a very nice summer and of course I took a lot of pictures- seems I am behind a bit here!! My 2 grandbabies don't even look the same!! (and I thought I was aging fast!!) These are from June and July.
We gotta slather 'em with sunscreen- especially here in Florida!!
Grampy really enjoyed the pool this summer!
Grampy and Gracie!
Having coffee and scoping out Shaun T's new video!
Johnny is playing with Auntie T's hair!
Here's my sweet Johnny!!
Gracie is really getting used to having her picture taken! (she should have been used to it before she left the hospital!)
Playing with daddy!

Gracie is the "big cousin" and is 7 months older than Jaxen, but they have been the same size for awhile now.
The babies were playing "no, that is my paci..."
Jaxen 7 months old.
Gracie squints her eyes when she is "posing"!
This is such a handsome picture of my little man, Jaxen.
I just want to eat him up with a spoon!!
Here is Gracie with a totally different look!!
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