Friday, November 22, 2013

Better Post Halloween Pics before Christmas Decorations go up!

It has been our fairly new tradition to go to my son-in-law's brother's house for his annual Family Halloween Party. This year was our 6th year. We just have a wonderful time with family. The kids are adorable and the neighborhood is very Trick or Treat friendly.

 Check out these next few pictures- I love how little Jaxen (Bam-Bam) umm, found the pumpkin bucket!

Grampy working overtime!
Kathy, Tiffany and Steven in their Batman gear!
Let me just say that I am aware of the evil possibilities on Halloween, but Halloween is a Christian Holiday celebrating All Hallow's Eve in preparation for All Saints Day. Admittedly, things have gotten out of hand in the Halloween scary department, but for us, it is a good family day.
Just Call Me   N a n a!

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