Friday, January 31, 2014

First post of the New Year- pictures from last year!!!

Is this the year that I finally get more plugged in to my blog?? I hope so!! I do enjoy blogging for myself!! Here are some pictures from last year- let's get caught up!! My 3 grandsons have birthdays all within 9 days of each other! Steven came up from Sarasota for his cousins' birthday as they both had the big ones this year- 1st and 5th- Steven is a big 8 this year. The first pics are from Jaxen's party- big one year old boy!!

 Don't ya just want to bite his cheeks?? Also he just had gotten his first haircut!!

 He got a little tired!

 Now it was Johnny's turn (the next day!!) and he couldn't wait to open his presents, so he and Steven opened Nana's gifts at the same time.

I made all the boys camoflauge pj pants.

 Steven is such a good sport for my photography!! (helps that his mom is a photographer!!)
 Great Grandma Mohr just celebrated her 90th!! She is spunky and always dresses to the nines!!
 All aboard
 Nana has the cutest grandkids, right??

I just love when I have all the grandchildren in one spot- they are my sunshine!! Love them and I feel so blessed to have them in my life!!

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