Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Christmas 2013 finally!!

As usual we had a very blessed Christmas season. I kinda felt almost rushed through Christmas since we would be moving January 4, but I put up a tree and carried on like normal (whatever that is!!)

 The way the pictures were in my file, I had the Christmas Eve pictures last. These were taken at my oldest daughter's house. She had a Christmas Breakfast theme.
Steven obviously liked what he got!!

 He was doing his little happy dance.
 Cute little Jaxen.
 Tiffany's tree.
 Tiffany did some really cute craft/gifts.

 My kids!

 My kids and their spouses.
 Getting them all in one picture- hard!

 Feeding the reindeer!

It was a lovely Christmas and I was sad to see it go! Hope you had a blessed day as well!

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