Sunday, April 13, 2014

We are loving our "Little Cottage".

My husband and I have taken up residence in my Mom's old house (she passed away last February). We have been here 4 months already and are really enjoying it. My mom's last name was Little, so I lovingly named her house "The Little Cottage". It is a roomy for a little house- lots bigger than I really thought it was when Mom lived here. (I never really went past the living room- she had only lived here about 9 years.) The living room is open into the dining room with a big picture window to the back. The kitchen has a good area and I am working on organizing the rather small cabinets,it has forced me to keep everything straight, which is a good thing. I do like the openness of it as well as it being off to the side of the house as opposed to the center like our old house where everything was "there" ya know?  I have a sewing room, umm, er studio (sounds more serious)!! The master bedroom is perfect sized and has a pretty "little" vanity bath with a shower and a small walk-in closet. The guest bath (the pretty bathroom) is average size.  The last few years, Mom had let the place go due to funds and health, so we have had our work cut out for us. We had already put tile down throughout the house while my mom was in the nursing home (had to be done). We did a lot of cleaning and my sister and I had to go through my mom's stuff :~( . Its coming along, though. The Hubs has really been doing a lot of work in the backyard and garage. There is a beautiful tree in the backyard that had over grown so badly it prohibited us from using a door in the back of the house and pretty much walking comfortably through the yard! I did my share of cleaning up in the front yard- cleaned out two flower beds and we bought some new plants and put down some mulch! Today, I painted some trim stones from the backyard and put them in the front yard.It looks so nice. I also did some weed pulling and made a planter in the backyard. I was exhausted after all that work, but so happy with the results.I also kept a lot of my mom's frog collection and put them on the front porch. (I see frogs everywhere now!) We have had a good time just getting to know the area. It feels like we moved to a totally new state sometimes, when in fact we only moved 12 miles north- into a new county for the first time since I was 9!! It is peaceful. We miss being just 3 minutes from our daughter's house and we are thankful that our son and his family are happily enjoying their new place as well, but miss seeing them everyday!! We were truly blessed to see our little grandson every day, but now he is ruling his own little castle!! I will post pictures soon.

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