Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remembering JP II

This is a Facebook note that I wrote earlier this month on Pope John Paul II.

Yesterday, April 2, 2009 was the 4th anniversary of the death of (my first!) Pope John Paul II. He was sick for quite awhile before his death, and as it happened, I was at Mass the day of his death when I heard the news. We were at a different church than we usually attend- Vigil Mass and it was packed. I leaned over to my husband and said- I have a feeling the Pope has died. I was right. At the time I had just come into the church the previous Easter, 2004. Even before I was Catholic, I had a deep appreciation for the Pope. I don't know why, I just did. I guess I had heard great things about him and there was always something in me that so longed for a devotion like I knew a Pope had to have. Since becoming Catholic, I have indeed heard wonderful things about him- from the World Youth Days that he instituted to his writings on the Faith to the pure love he had for his fellow man and of course his extreme Catholic Faith. I watched a movie on his life that was just amazing. We are blessed to have had such an amazing Pope! What a gift! (I also remember crying my eyes out the day that Pope Benedict was (finally) selected as Pope John Paul II successor- I don't know why, I just had this amazing happy feeling).

On the radio yesterday I heard a tribute to the late Pope and I just wanted to share this- it was something I always want to remember. One of his dear friends was at his bedside on the day that he died. Not long before dying, John Paul II told his friend, "I am happy, you should be too!" Incredible, or what?

I love being Catholic!!!

Holy Water!

(Here is the latest from my Facebook notes- I thought it made a good blog!)

I don't know if too many people actually write about Holy Water, but I am about to. I was reminded how much I love the subject this past Sunday at Mass when Father Malley got me good with the water blessing.(Being a fairly new Catholic, I am not sure that is the technical term- help me here, Catholic friends- you know the part where the priest sprinkles the congregation- walking up and down the aisle?) That might sound unusual to my non-Catholic friends, but this is when the Priest blesses us with the water to remind us of our Baptism. Cool, huh? I think so. I love, love, love walking into church and dipping my fingers in the Holy water to bless myself (and separate myself from the world) and then upon leaving the church, doing the same thing (to help strengthen myself in the world). It isn't just water to me. It is water that is prayed over and is a great tool when you need a little prayer umpf in a situation.

Let me tell you about a "situation". In September 2005, I was a very new Catholic and had put the Holy Water founts by my doors (they are still there , but the Holy water dries up faster than I can remember to replace it), but I hadn't "used" Holy water in my every day living or anything, but I did have a couple bottles of it in the cabinet. On this particular day, I was preparing to drive about 2 1/2 hours to a soccer game. (Yes, I am a former soccer mom!) I was dreading it. I don't like driving that much. I also was driving my 2 friends' 3 boys as well. I felt very compelled to sprinkle Holy water on the car- I hadn't ever done anything like that before. But it sure felt great and comforting. We got the carpool going and we were on I-4 heading towards Orlando, when I heard the loudest BOOM and crashing of glass in my life. I suspect the reason it was so loud was because it was my rear window! I looked in the rear view mirror, thinking that I had been hit from behind. That wasn't the case- in trying to figure out what happened I saw a roof truss on the road. You know, those weird obtuse triangle shaped wood mini "structures".Yes, part of a future house had fallen off this huge lumber truck right into my rear window. Glass went everywhere, in my friend's son's head to be exact- not bad, just a little blood, but still! A policeman happened to be on the way with an arrested individual- he checked on us, but had to be on his way- he and the trooper that came along a few minutes later, both assured us that "it could have been worse". Much worse. Much, much worse. One of my passengers said, "good call on the Holy water, Mrs. Tipton". Good call indeed!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, it has been almost a month since I have posted! Gosh, time goes by.

Lent- watching what I am eating pretty well, no meat Fridays ok, started walking and saying the rosary on a few of my walks. The Rosary is pretty cool, I must say. Holding those beads makes you really concentrate on your praying. Repeating the Hail, Mary is awesome too- you really get it and it gives a lot of comfort. When I first became Catholic, I had to have a minor surgery and it was such a comfort having those beads in my hand. They just make you aware of the connection you have with the Lord, with our Mother Mary and with other Catholics.

Family stuff- My sister is having a girl. First girl in 25 years- it is awesome. Don't get me started on the name thing though. Ok, she went back to her original plan, apparently. That's ok, it is a free world and the name is mine, and about 85 million others'. It is just...puhleeze! Why is it always a controversy? On to the next subject...

Savings-No real good deals with bragging rights. I haven't really done any shopping lately to speak of. Trying to use up what I have. If I tried hard, I could probably eat for 2 months off what I have in the freezer and cabinets (still need fresh vegs, milk,etc) I still have turkey left!
I did have a $5 off coupon at Publix- get excited about those! Went to Salvation Army for some work clothes (I refuse to buy new for work if I don't have to) and they have 1/2 price clothes on Wednesdays- got a few good deals there.

Thoughts-I went to a Memorial for a young woman (35) yesterday. She was the Daughter in Law of one of my long time friends. From what I gather, she was lying on the couch, husband thought she was asleep- he went to work...she never woke up. They won't know what happened for a couple of weeks. Our lives are short. I guess there isn't time to worry about money, who has what, (what names we give our kids) or anything that isn't going to really matter in 100 years. What matters- our Faith, our love, how we show our Faith in that love. Faith, Family and Love are the only things that are going to be left when we are gone.

Oh, my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy. Amen

That's all in my world right now!!