Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Putting the dishes to work!

It is that time again! Tablescape Thursday! Last week I gave the dishes the week off and so, not being ready to put away my cute little fish placemats- I put the dishes to work this week! Presto, change-o voila- a whole new Tablescape. I changed out the hurricane lamps and switched the candles around, added the flatware my sister, Eagle-Eye Tammy gave me. The flatware is very unique with wooden handles and it just seems so perfect for a beach/fish table. (wooden handles like shovels for the beach?)

The place setting.

The serving pieces.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Peachy! Umm, I mean beachy (or is it just fishy?)

** When I did my table I totally forgot about the 100th Week Celebration! I have been joining in since the 60th! I didn't do a Celebratory or outside table, BUT I used a Birthday gift (celebratory) and it is an outdoor theme- how about that? Happy 100th Tablescape Thursday, everyone!

For my birthday, my daughter (who has taken a liking to doing Tablescapes of her own) gave me a set of placemats, napkins, salt and pepper shakers and a cute little fish bowl (serving type, not abode type) so I have been busy trying to find a few more accents for them. I gave the dishes the night off, but I still like the look!

I put the fish salt and peppers in the "net" (actually it is a bag that the shells came in!)

Aren't the placemats cute? I didn't want to cover them up with the plates- maybe next week!

What trip to the beach is complete without a sand bucket?- got it at SA for .29 !

I couldn't resist the little clam shell bowl! SA for .49

I live in  sunny Florida about 6 miles from the most beautiful beach ever, but I got my shells at Goodwill!

Cute little fish bowl, huh?

Be sure and check out Between Naps on the Porch for our weekly, fun Tablescape Thursday! Thanks, Susan for hosting us every week!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Blue Favorite!

**I just realized that last week's entry was my 100th post in blogland! Wow! ;~) **

I looked at my table this morning and thought, I think I will keep it up for one more week and skip Tablescape Thursday this week. Then I remembered I just last week bought a couple of really pretty tablerunners at GW ($2 each!). Ok, I will keep the blue and change out a few things. Skipping Tablescape Thursday is like not having ice cream when everyone else is eating it anyway, soo I changed my mind. Really all I kept was the blue candles and those flower napkin rings on the centerpiece- dishes are same pattern but changed up a bit, I put the little hurricane lamps over different candlesticks and the large hurricane hosts my little birdie. I also put the white pillars on the large candlesticks.

The hurricane lamp/bird happened by accident- I bought the hurricane lamp for .79 at Salivation Army in hopes of finding another one to go with it, and just put it over the bird to have somewhere to store it! It looks good, huh? (Just noticed- on the chair-the top to the glass cleaner bottle. Whoops! oh, well, can't have a glass table without it!)

The setting- the silver is Grosvenor 1921- bought off ebay for next to nothing.

Close up of the tablerunner.

Be sure and visit Between Naps on the Porch where Susan throws this lovely Tablescape party every Thursday!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blue and White Tablescape!

Wednesdays are usually BFF days around here (I do something with my daughter and grandson- Best Friends Forever- I think my hubby started calling it that and even she calls it that now and of course it is BFF day everyday I am with all of my kids!) but today, I had to work in the afternoon and my house was a wreck, so I decided to clean and nothing cleans up a house better than a good ole Tablescape- am I right? So I took down the red, white and blue and just did a blue and white.

The runners I found at a garage sale mixed in with old sewing items in a large sewing box I bought for $5. They are both hand tatted (does anyone do that now?) around the edge and the long one has hand embroidery. The one I put in the middle also has a crocheted corner.

I used the rose petal napkin rings in the pitcher- love those dual purpose items!

I think the other title I should have used for my blog is "Just Call Me Candlelady!" I have a nice little hoard  stockpile of candles that I find at thrift stores and I should have partial ownership of Yankee Candle. The little hurricane lamps were gifted to me by my sister, Tammy and they fit perfectly in those candlesticks. I also bought some of that sticky stuff to help some of my candles stand up a little better and it worked like a charm.

I played around a little with the lighting and flash again and I think I like it best with no flash but with the light in the dining room on- I always do my table in the morning. Here is the place setting. Notice the bowls- are they round? No. Are they square? No. They are oblongish- you should have seen my son looking at this bowl when he was putting his ice cream in it- he said, "I am trying to wrap my head around this", as he twirled the bowl around. I love them- another addition to my Ironstone found by eagle-eye Tammy- she found the bowls, a large platter (remember I broke one that she found for me) and 2 small little oval platters- my collection is growing and I love it. These particular ones, however weren't marked on the bottom.

I again used the silver I found for $3.95 and some napkins I found and just the plain chargers from Wal-mart.

I mentioned my sister above- my hubby and I went to her house for the day on Monday and we actually ATE at one of her Tablescapes! My husband didn't know how to act- "We are actually sitting at the table? Using the plates?" Funny man. It was great though!

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**Be sure and check yesterday's post to see the giveaway I won from Affordable Accoutrements. (On my birthday no less!) The author Stan Williams also mentioned it on his blog The Elegant Thrifter on his yesterday's post!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Find

A little over a week ago, I won my first blog giveaway! I received it today! I am so excited.

It is the book The find- The Housing Works Book of Decorating with Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details by Stan Williams

Isn't the wrapping adorable? I haven't even turned the first page, because I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful bow and tag,

A close up of the tag! (I love using tags in my scrapbooking!)

and the beautiful inscription:

I can't wait to read it! Thanks, Stan (and Bill from Affordable Accoutrements for hosting the giveaway).

Would Jesus have had a Facebook?

On my way to Mass Sunday morning, I heard an interesting question on the radio. Would Jesus have used Facebook if He had it back then? To myself, I answered- YES, HE WOULD HAVE! The commentator said yes too. He would have used, email, internet, text messaging- any method He could utilize to proclaim God's word. So, I started thinking about it some more and I have thought about it already to some degree, as I try and post very positive and in some cases "Holy posts" on my blog and on my Facebook statuses. BUT, I felt encouraged to be a little more "vocal" shall we say! I love hearing some good practical words as it gets me really ready for Mass.

Speaking of Mass- I woke up yesterday morning and decided "I am going to sing with the choir this morning". During the summer, you just come early to Mass and it is very informal at St. Cecelias. I have been wanting to join the choir for 7 years now! Ever since I left my old church and became Catholic- I just never did, but it was one thing that I really, really missed doing.

It was pouring on my way to church and at one point I thought about going back home it was so bad, but then I just kept driving- I just felt like I "had" to sing! God wanted me there, I really felt like that! So I pull into the parking lot at St. Cecelia's and that street becomes a flowing river in a downpour. I got soaked! I waded through and almost fell! I made it across and I felt like the people on the stairs to the church, who were waiting for the rain to subside and they actually had umbrellas- probably thought I was a crazy person! The bottom of my dress was soaked! I am sure my mascara was everywhere else on my face,except my eyelashes. I went into the Ladies room and turned on the hand dryer to dry my dress- my sandals were little puddle holders. I am drenched. Then after my drying off efforts I went out to the sanctuary and wouldn't you know, nobody was sitting in the choir area. (I forget the guy's name on the guitar,who leads the 9:30 choir, but I love his voice- always liked him when we went to Lifeteen Mass when we first became Catholic)- he wasn't there either! Oh, well, I thought, I will just go to my usual spot on the other side of the church and I will just pray or something since I am so early. Finally, the guitarist (what is his name!?) arrived and I went back to that side and sat down. Nobody was in the choir chairs! What the heck, I decided to just go up and ask him if I could "join" and he said sure! I said, well, I don't want to sing by myself and he said, "well with the rain, you just might be by yourself"! I sat down and thought- what have I gotten myself into? Then a young girl named Mary sat down and I was so relieved. We ended up being the ONLY ones in the choir! We moved to the middle in the second row. I LOVED it. It was so much fun! I don't think anyone heard us, but I had a great time. I will definitely do that again! Come on people, JOIN THE SUMMER CHOIR!(When I got home, I noticed that my mascara was,indeed, a little misplaced.)