Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Would Jesus have had a Facebook?

On my way to Mass Sunday morning, I heard an interesting question on the radio. Would Jesus have used Facebook if He had it back then? To myself, I answered- YES, HE WOULD HAVE! The commentator said yes too. He would have used, email, internet, text messaging- any method He could utilize to proclaim God's word. So, I started thinking about it some more and I have thought about it already to some degree, as I try and post very positive and in some cases "Holy posts" on my blog and on my Facebook statuses. BUT, I felt encouraged to be a little more "vocal" shall we say! I love hearing some good practical words as it gets me really ready for Mass.

Speaking of Mass- I woke up yesterday morning and decided "I am going to sing with the choir this morning". During the summer, you just come early to Mass and it is very informal at St. Cecelias. I have been wanting to join the choir for 7 years now! Ever since I left my old church and became Catholic- I just never did, but it was one thing that I really, really missed doing.

It was pouring on my way to church and at one point I thought about going back home it was so bad, but then I just kept driving- I just felt like I "had" to sing! God wanted me there, I really felt like that! So I pull into the parking lot at St. Cecelia's and that street becomes a flowing river in a downpour. I got soaked! I waded through and almost fell! I made it across and I felt like the people on the stairs to the church, who were waiting for the rain to subside and they actually had umbrellas- probably thought I was a crazy person! The bottom of my dress was soaked! I am sure my mascara was everywhere else on my face,except my eyelashes. I went into the Ladies room and turned on the hand dryer to dry my dress- my sandals were little puddle holders. I am drenched. Then after my drying off efforts I went out to the sanctuary and wouldn't you know, nobody was sitting in the choir area. (I forget the guy's name on the guitar,who leads the 9:30 choir, but I love his voice- always liked him when we went to Lifeteen Mass when we first became Catholic)- he wasn't there either! Oh, well, I thought, I will just go to my usual spot on the other side of the church and I will just pray or something since I am so early. Finally, the guitarist (what is his name!?) arrived and I went back to that side and sat down. Nobody was in the choir chairs! What the heck, I decided to just go up and ask him if I could "join" and he said sure! I said, well, I don't want to sing by myself and he said, "well with the rain, you just might be by yourself"! I sat down and thought- what have I gotten myself into? Then a young girl named Mary sat down and I was so relieved. We ended up being the ONLY ones in the choir! We moved to the middle in the second row. I LOVED it. It was so much fun! I don't think anyone heard us, but I had a great time. I will definitely do that again! Come on people, JOIN THE SUMMER CHOIR!(When I got home, I noticed that my mascara was,indeed, a little misplaced.)

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Brenda said...

Hi "Nana"
I found you through BNOP.
I too am a Nana. Our 2 granddaughters are 1300 miles away and we just got back from visiting them.
I agree. Jesus would use any tool available. Thank you for sharing about your singing at church. Sometimes we tend not to listen to that "still quiet voice" of the Spirit. I'm sure that you were a blessing to those that were there.