Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Haven't posted for awhile!!

I haven't posted for awhile- been a little busy being a Grammy! I kinda like the name Grammy. I figure Johnny

Haven't posted for awhile!!

I haven't posted for awhile- been a little busy being a Grammy! I kinda like the name Grammy. Anyway, our little JR (Jack, Spanky, Butt Butt, Bubba, Bubsy, Monkey, ) was born Thursday, November 13 at 9:46am weighing in at 8lb 6oz, 21-1/4 inch tall. He is absolutely adorable. I have to keep pinching myself- "yes, I am a Grandmother". A Grandmother! Didn't I just graduate high school, get married and have babies- that is how fast time just goes. We are thrilled. My daughter had a planned C-section and I was all ready and geared up for helping her, but her hubby stayed home for the first week and they are just doing excellent. I have gone over just about everyday, but I did have to work a couple of days and it is pretty rough doing what I have to do here, run up there and work. But, hey, I am blessed that I don't have to work full time at least right now anyway. I made a few meals, and washed and folded a little laundry, but not much else. JR's other grandma lives really nearby too, so she has plenty of help. Incidently, my friend had her baby the same day as my daughter and so did another friend's sister!

I haven't written for awhile and I am ashamed- really wanted to keep a blog up and running. Let me just brag about some good deals that I have come across. I just got back into doing more with coupons (always have done some) and this whole CVS thing too. What have I been missing? Today, I needed a gift for a baptism and I had a JC Penneys $10 off $10 coupon that expired today. So I went and bought the gift and a towel and washcloth to make another gift- spent $10.51- then I had 3 coupons for Yankee Candle (sorry, I am addicted, but only buy the candles on sale or with a coupon- I would eat beanie weanies for a week if I had to- my husband really likes them too and I think candles bless our home) so the coupons were Buy 2 large get 2 free, buy 2 medium, get 2 free, and buy 2 little ones and get 2 free. Ok, now this is also for several Christmas gifts, so I felt like it was a good, frugal expense. In essence, I bought 6 candles, got 6 for free. I am thrilled. They also had some retired ones that they brought back for a limited time. Then later on I went to CVS- I had my purse stolen the day before the baby was born (my daughter did too- right in our driveway (I live on a busy road) anyway, I had to replace some makeup (and a lot of other stuff, but oh, well!) CVS had Revlon Buy one get one free- and I had 2 coupons for Revlon, so I bought a mascara and an eyeliner- both were $6.99 I used the coupons and got both items for $4.99!! I think that is spectacular! I also bought 2 bottle of Coke for my hubby- for $1.89. I also got a raincheck for Viva papertowels- 8 pack for $5.49- it was supposed to be $7.49 with $2 extra bucks, but they were out, but the manager kindly gave me the raincheck for $5.49- a great price! Not a bad trip!

Well, I am going to try and be better about posting!! Having fun with this blogging- I am learning so much!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thinking Thursday

I have really been thinking of real ways to get on a budget, save some money and not be struggling like we have always seemed to do all of our 30 years in married life. I mean, come on, we are going to be grandparents NEXT THURSDAY!! and we barely have a nickel to our name! We can do better! We MUST do better. I have been reading blogs and other internet sites for all kinds of ideas on working a budget without having to really work outside the home any more than what I have been (about 20 hours)- the more I make the more we spend. We have been doing so good with not eating out (special occasions and once a week for my husband) like we used to. My husbands job has been a bit slower, but we have survived.
The more I think, the harder it is- we need this, we need that- ALL things that our beyond our budget. (A new roof, extensive dental work... and now a grandson! these things take a toll on a budget).
I am encouraged though. I figure by January, when I implement our new budget, things are going to be better, I just feel it. God has never forsaken us. We have ALWAYS had what we needed. ALWAYS!
The current thing I am working on is Christmas. Today, I sat down and made a list. I think it is a pretty frugal list, but lo and behold- it is still going to cost more than I care to spend. That's crazy! I could make more than a mortgage payment with that money. It is crazy. We have no business spending that money like that!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tightwad Tuesday

I am really trying to get into being so much more thrifty and tightwadish! I used coupons this week for the first time in awhile- (for groceries at least). I even bought a nice size plastic file box for them. Visited the thrift store again adn found a frew good items. I have been pretty much a sticler for hanging out my clothes too. It was overcast today, so I didn't hang, but I am pretty determined about it. And a big, big tightwad thing I did today was we had black beans and rice for dinner. I buy the beans and rice in big time bulk and a good batch in the crockpot gives me about 3 meals probably for less than $1. I also made my own detergent last week and I have been enjoying that this week! I am working on a big time budget that starts in January.

The election results didn't go the way I voted. We will just have to pray for our Country. I believe that is what God wants us to do.