Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thriftiness and Contentment

Well, I meant to post about the silly coffee/thrifty thing I did the other day. Publix had our coffee buy one get one free and the bags had a $1 coupon on them. (I almost feel stupid posting this!) Anyway, so I was staying with my daughter and went up to Publix on the last day of the sale. I had 2 coupons for the coffee and I thought- I will get some zip-lock bags and pour the coffee into them cut out the coupons on the new bags and go back in the store and get 2 more bags- well, I did that twice! I had gone earlier in the week and my husband also got 2 bags, so I think we will have coffee stored up for awhile! In my calculations- we saved $35 just on coffee! I think that is pretty good!! It goes on sale a couple of times a year, so hopefully we will have enough to last us until the next sale (and note to Eight o'clock coffee- keep those $1 coupons coming!!)

My son-in-law (or son-in love as I have seen some refer to their in-law kids) got home on Sunday and my daughter missed him so much! Grampy (my hubby) and I got the boot out of there pretty quick- I think she was getting tired of me. I was glad to get home too- 5 days away was a lot. I don't think I have ever spent that much time away from home (we are only talking 15 miles here, but...) without hubby. I worked one full day and part of another one and we had a wedding on Saturday to attend, but I spent quite a bit of time there and every night. I did learn a valuable lesson. No matter how discouraged I might get with my little old house- it is home. My daughter lives in a house about 3 times as big as mine and it is really nice and I love it for her, but I was happy to get home to my (very) little castle. I certainly have learned to be content for the most part.

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