Tuesday, February 3, 2009

this and that

I haven't posted for awhile, but I do a lot of thinking about what I really want to post. I do enjoy "blogging"- reading others especially.

Thriftiness- We are doing BOGO coffees and using 2 $1 coupons- even my hubby is excited about it. I figure over a year's time, this system could save over $200 just on coffee, so that makes me happy about couponing again, which I started a bit more seriously a couple of months ago.

Thrift store finds- I went yesterday before Super Bowl and found a couple of good things. A brand new "tart" burner (hubs doesn't want me burning candles anymore with the A/C on, so) I bought this for $2.50 (also bought a couple of those warmer things since I have a ton of candles.

Church- went to Mass Saturday night for Vigil Mass- went to a different church (friends were going to a homeschool event there, so figured I would meet up with them (I am a homeschool alumni mom) it was very nice- thinking about going there permanently as the Church we attend now (our sponsors went there before we converted 5 years ago) is very far away- I love it though as we had all our first sacraments there- even our renewal/convalidation ceremony. I just need to feel more connected- have just been attending Mass and not getting involved with anything- I miss it (very active at my old Protestant church).

Going to be spending a few days at Little Mama's (my daughter's house). My son in law had a death in the family- his father's best friend for over 50 years- like an uncle to him- suddenly died while playing cards on a Saturday night. Very sad, but my son in law has a peace about it in something that happened as he was thinking about him and it all. We just never know in this life, do we? He was a Catholic and I am sure faithful- I got to meet him when my daughter got married. He was a sweet man and we had a good time with him. I have been thinking of his wife- I know I take my hubby for granted sometimes, and I can't imagine going through what she is going through right now. God Bless her.

Gotta go to bed.

Praise Be to God!

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