Saturday, January 17, 2009


I do really enjoy writing and blogging, but can't seem to remember to do it. I get so distracted with so many things.

Anyway, #1- My little Grandbaby, JR is already over 2 months old. Gee, where does the time go?? I babysat him the other day and he is a cutie. I joined the 21st century and bought a digital camera on Ebay just because he was born! My sister loaned me hers the day Grandbaby was born and 158+ pictures later, I decided to buy one too. I bought one just like hers- it is used- but I figured it is a good starter digital and I only paid $65 for it. Like I mentioned before, we had our purses stolen right out of my car the day before the baby was born and my daughter's camera was in her purse, so we found a good replacement on Ebay for her (and I replaced both purses using the convenience of Ebay!!) Anyway, back to JR- I just get a kick out of taking pictures of him! I cleaned up my scrapbooking area so that I can get back into doing that (and sewing some more!)

#2 My son is moving out of the house! He is moving in with a friend that needed/really wanted a roommate, so I think it is a good transition. He is a good kid and he is almost 21, so I guess it is time. Maybe it will inspire him to get on with his life and figure some things out. I guess I have spoiled him a bit here- he has been with me homeschooling, etc for the last 12 years it was a little hard to avoid. I don't think he would correct me in calling him a "Mama's boy"!

Well, I gotta get to bed, I was just inspired by reading other blogs to actually leave a post today!

Someday, maybe someone else will get something helpful off my blog!


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