Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flea Market Fun and Thrift Store Finds!

Hubs and I are trying to make Saturdays our "Do Something Day". Mind you we would rather do something with the kids and grandboys, but they all are doing their own thing most Saturdays. Today, we decided to go to the Flea Market (well, I let hubs decide, but he said he picked the Flea Market for me, which is sweet and all, but I ain't believing it- I wanted to go to IKEA!! haha) We had a really good time- when we got there we headed straight to the Food Court with all the yummy smelling fair-type food! No, no- I did come prepared, people! We stopped at Winn Dixie on the way (I wasn't going to let that BOGO Kibbles and Bits slip away! I had $1.50 coupons to boot- and Baby Boy was taking his dog, Beau, today, so I had to supply the food. By "had to" I mean, glad to, if you get my drift!)and I went to the deli counter for a couple slices of turkey and cheese for some nice Weight Watcher roll ups and I snagged a banana on the way past the produce department. So we ate our delicious lunch (are you kidding?- hubs had a sausage hoagie and a coke). Then I saw this sign:

UNDER SOFT SERVE IT SAYS: Only 2 points on Weight Watchers!!!  I know my McDonalds soft serve is 4 points (memorized that one right away!) with the cone, so I am sure this is a reliable point calculation regardless of it being a sign at the Food Court at the FLEA MARKET!!! Was not expecting this little surprise, so of course we got a cone. I am proud to announce that I got full on my superlicious turkey rolls and I threw mine away waaaayyy before I got to the cone!! Go, me!

For some reason, Hubs seemed surprised that I had my camera with me.

I have been going to this Flea Market apparently since before I was born ;~)

I thought this bike was cool looking. Can you see Nana on this baby?
We could have sat at the Food Court and people watched, but the live music was not to our liking shall we say. So we ventured on...

 You can find a lot of interesting things at the Flea Market!
A LOT of socks! Yes, Hubs bought some!

Watches and sunglasses and jewelry everywhere.

As we were walking through, I heard someone say "Excuse me..." I thought "don't try to sell me anything" but when I actually came out of my own little world and looked up, I realized it was my friend! She and her hubby were out and about and also hadn't been at the Flea Market in a long time! (It was their anniversary, so they escaped the house and kiddos for a bit...)

When we blew that fun little popscicle stand, we went here-
A cute little Cajun grill/pub/bar place. (I was still full, so I had water and a few bites of this yummo bread pudding) We had a really good time and were so surprised to see our friends! After the bread pudding we went to Sam's Club where my son works (my friends are his Godparents, so they really surprised him!) and I picked up something for my co-worker and some Suavitel fabric softener- exciting, huh? Oh, and what did I buy at the flea market?? Nothing to blog  home about except for this hanger thingy for my laundry, a doggie bed, a bottle brush and some veggies and the thrilling aformentioned socks. Nothing I would take a picture of, not worthy of the space on the memory card! Sooo. I decided to take a picture of a few of the things that I found at the thrift store yesterday when I shared my sister's half off coupon.

A really pretty quilt (twin sized or smaller) hand quilted:
A shower curtain.

And a big quilted non-Vera Bradley bag, that I bought anyway and used at the Flea Market today!!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend too!!! Get your papers for your coupons tomorrow!!

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emptynester3 said...

Whoops-no coupons this week!Glad for the chance to get caught up

emptynester3 said...

Whoops-no coupons this week!Glad for the chance to get caught up