Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pandora Wonderfulness!

(No not the music Pandora!)
RUN! DO NOT WALK! To your nearest Pandora provider! They are having a super awesome sale right now!! Spend $100 and get a free bracelet! YES a FREE bracelet (a $65 value)! You know my saying! "If it is free it is for me!!"

I didn't expand on this on my blog, BUT I recently hit my 20 lb loss at Weight Watchers!!! Sooo, my little prize to myself was to be the Pineapple charm! I figured with my new eating habits and the extra consumption of fruit and veggies- and yes, many a pineapple during the weight loss journey, the cute little pineapple would be the perfect addition to my newly started Pandora bracelet. So, yes, I think this special is the best time to get my pineapple! It is this weekend, people, so get yourselves to Bond Jewelers or some other cute little Pandora carrying boutique! (You can always sell the bracelet on ebay or give it away for Christmas!! Don't you love these kind of deals???
Pandora? Here I come! How I have missed shopping for you!!!

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