Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sand Sculpture on the Beach!!!

As I have mentioned before, we live just 5 miles from one of the most beautiful beaches ever! Now that we are emptynesters and don't have the worry of little ones on the beach or sunburned fair skin we have been going more often ...(well,my kids always say I never took them to the beach- ok so I burn badly and fall asleep in the sun too easily! We didn't have sunscreen back in the day, and when we did get it the little teenage whippersnappers never wanted to wear it, or for that matter, be seen at the beach with their mom....) whoops, sorry.
Anyway, here is an awesome sand sculpture depicting some fun stuff that our city offers. I don't know about you, but I can't even build a sandcastle!

Here is a cute section that showcases Winter, the dolphin with the prosthetic tale (the movie comes out Sept. 23)

The Phillies Phanatic...

The "people" to the right are the Jazz Holiday musicians, but I honestly don't know what the wine, grapes and cheese are for (that might be bad that I am clueless about this?)

The writing was "letter perfect". The embossed type shown here is gorgeous! The "reverse" embossing (stencilling?) is just beautiful too.

The sand sculpted people looked "Mount Rushmore-ish".

I am always in awe of the artistic abilities of people. I am so glad that we were able to see this before it "drifted away".

Just Call Me   N a n a!

Life is Good!

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