Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coupons for everything!

I rarely buy anything without some kind of coupon or sale or something. I can't- it just goes against my genetic make-up and everything I am or live by! I am serious! You can get just about anything on sale, and/or with a coupon, save with multiple purchases, Yankee Candle, ebay and now even my favorite thrift store has a half off day and coupons. There is no point or need to pay full price for anything! I am a coupon/sale shopper,so I had to get a little shopping fix in today. I really only needed cat food (shame on me for not having a stockpile, but I haven't bought catfood in quite awhile either), but while I was there I perused some coupons and sales and ended up doing pretty good. My total was $42 and I spent $23. I was pretty happy- that is almost 50% savings. I haven't mastered the $1200 for $3 yet- I don't think that is the norm with coupon shoppers anyway. What isn't figured into some of those outrageous totals on the TLC show is the fact that many buy coupons from clipping services and/or spend A LOT of time (many of them ALL their free time)and not to mention the storage factor. I have several small areas of storage with my seemingly meager stash. But I am proud of it!
Back to the cat food trip. No point in just picking up cat food, when there are coupons and sales, ya know? Sooo, I bought the cat food, 4 tubes of Crest, 2 bags of cat litter, 2 packs of toilet paper, a pack of psper towels,some bananas, a 2 liter of coke and a candy bar. I would have cringed buying this boring stuff without the $19 of coupons that I redeemed. That is free "money". Those little slips of wonderful paper are just like money! Love it! Let's face it that is boring stuff albeit necessary stuff to buy and not much of it for $42 but a good deal at $23!

Sooo, earlier today I made a little trip to Bath and Body Works- I am in love with the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin smell, that I decided to buy what I hope will last about 6 months. It was on sale 4 for $15 and I had a few at home from a trade in that I did and I also bought 5 of those mini hand sanitizers for my key chain. I thought I got a good deal- ( also had a 20% off total purchase coupon that I forgot to use, so I took in later and the girl gave me a refund) AND I know that chances are good that there will be an even better sale on them after Halloween, sooo, I hope to get some more then. NOt a bad day!

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