Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Favorite Movies of all time

In my new hobby of blog-hopping, I have come across several blogs that I have to stalk
visit everyday! One of them is The Pioneer Woman. She does everything on her blog- cooking, photography, contests... Today, she listed the 5 movies that she would drop everything to watch- this got me to thinking about my favorite movies- I think there are way more than 5- I am a movie freak from waaay back. The Pioneer Woman had 3 movies on her list that I had never heard of, but judging by her good review of the lipstick I like and listing Gone With The Wind as one of her drop everything movies too- I may just have to Netflix them. Here are my very fav (no particular order) drop everything (also known as "you are watching that again?") to watch movies:

1) The Sound of Music
2) Back to the Future(1,2,3)
3) The Family Stone
4) Martian Child
5) Gone With The Wind
6) Step-Mom
7) Titanic

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