Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ahhh! Make-up!!

I have been in a crisis situation the last few days with NO face make-up!  I ran out of just the mineral face powder and the ever necessary moisturizer-I have been in survival mode,just getting by. I had ordered some,but it hadn't come in until- TODAY! Yippee!! I felt like doing a little happy dance at my mailbox! Sheer happiness (Hubs was happy too!) About a year ago I switched to mineral makeup and I love it! As some of you might know,it can be a litte pricey. I found a mineral make-up company that sells the loose mineral powder and a wonderful selection of other mineral make-up and moisturizers for 1/3 the price for 3 times as much product. My first introduction to the mineral make-up world was at a Mall kiosk. I don't want to mention the price. I still have quite a bit of the eyeshadow and all the brushes I bought then,so feel I did get a lot for my money, but I also knew that when it came time to order replacements, that I better find a cheaper source. Sooo, that I did. I went to my wonder source- eBay and won a trial kit and now, I just order from their website.

Give it a try- you won't be disappointed.

Oh, make-up, sweet, sweet make-up-I was so glad to see you!!!( Let me explain- the little baggie is a lightener, not something else and the little jar is a sample of the light powder- I mix medium, light and the lightener to get a good color for me.)
I got my cute little Kaboodle at Salvation Army!! I was too cheap to buy a new one and low and behold, found the same exact one for $2.99!!

So, in celebration of the blessed event (new make-up in the mail), I cleaned out my Kaboodle and washed all my make-up brushes! It certainly takes a lot for all this beauty you know! HAPPY MAKE-UP DAY!!

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