Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I can iron this out..

Ironing is something that I view as an ongoing necessary unfun job. Hubs and I go back and forth about this subject. So, I have made the decision being as that laundry is my domain and Hubs works hard and wrinkly clothes are nasty- I have designated myself as the (unwilling) ironess (if that isn't a word, it is now!) So, I had been threatening to get this extra wide ironing board-I didn't want to spend actual money on it, but I also couldn't find one at the thrift store, so I bit the bullet (would have rather spent the money on Pandora, but, oh,well) here are pictures of my mack daddy ironing board. For the low? price of $44.97 you, too, can iron your clothes in ironing board splendor!

Where would an ironing board be without a good iron? Got this Rowenta baby at the SA for $4.99!!

(Please ignore the crooked candle in the background)

Isn't she a beauty??
 I thought it was funny that the ironing board cover was wrinkled, but look at the width!

Oh, the garments we will iron!

She is all powered up and ready to go! I did 7 shirts on her maiden voyage!
Now, I just have schedule my ironing every week. My sister, the Domestic Diva at work, would be so proud!

Just Call Me   N a n a!


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