Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Day out with the Hubs!

Hubs and I have been trying to get out and do something on Saturdays if we don't' plan something with the rest of the fam- ie: the grandboys! Of course, it is a given that I bring my camera along. Hubs gets a little aggravated with me when I want to "take pictures of stuff I see every day". That isn't the point! Taking pictures of everyday things in a different way is the challenge I take on! So, consequently, I have become somewhat of a nature/birdwatcher type photographer! I saw all these birds on the telephone wire, thought they were a picture waiting to be taken-mind you, this was way up there and across the street, so I  was glad to get this picture:

Just a nifty looking sign-

I love wood pictures too!

Some more birdwatching-

The bridge made a good subject, too

Seagulls are only cool in pictures
I thought these umbrellas looked cool from above

You can't do a boardwalk picture without a boat or some masts or something.

I thought this was a cute sign.

Another "cute" seagull.

Hubs was the first to see this sign. (He thought it was funny that I refer to him as "Hubs" in my blog.

Guess where I was sitting when I took this? (Hooters!)

This bird was in the rafters at Hooters.

Hubs and I ate at Hooters- my first time ever there- it was delicious- who knew?

We had a very nice day!

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