Friday, September 2, 2011

You don't want to get behind me in line...

I spent a few hours with my coupons Wednesday until I couldn't stand looking at them any longer. I love my coupons but I just got bored -I think 2 hours is long enough a stretch, don't you? So then I HAD to go shopping. I couldnt do it without coupons and BOGO sales. As my title suggests- you don't want to get behind me in line at the grocery store. No, ya don't. I usually have a stash of coupons and a couple of orders and now my new thing is going to Wal-mart for their price matching dealio. That is a cool thing, but it is a pain in the tushy. I can only hope I am inspiring the fool who actually stays behind me in line. Most aren't usually that patient after they give me the once over. Come on people- you can do this too! I don't have to be the only one playing the stores' games! I did pretty good. I am not at the level of getting $1000 worth for $2.12 or anything, but I am pretty happy getting up to about 60% off. Getting free stuff is a favorite pastime. It takes a little bit of work, but it is very satisfying looking at all my stash areas ("scary places" to quote my brother in law)and I am thankful that I can give stuff away to my son (and anyone else who might need it) and not even miss it, because the scary place still has a bunch of stuff in it! In these economic hard times, it is nice to know I have a year's worth of a bunch of stuff and a full freezer and I got good deals on ALL of it!. I am thankful!!

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