Thursday, January 14, 2010

Visiting Johnny's world!

Yeah! I finally got to see my grandson this week -3 days in a row!! Yippee! Tuesday we went to Chilis for lunch and Grampy met up with us. Johnny drank out of a straw for the first time! I think he kinda scares himself with all that sudden liquid- and most of it doesn't make it down. Wednesday, we went to the mall and got Johnny a haircut with Aunt Beth (not really a blood relative aunt, but great friend of Nana's for about 20 years). Then we had some of my fav Chick Fil A nuggets (I know, not organic or anything, but sooo good) and sweet tea with extra lemon! Then today I went over with my trusty t-shirt folding thingy and helped Little Mama fold some clothes- I should say, some mountains of clothes. You know how it is- sick baby= no time to do anything unbaby related- at least the clothes made it through the wash. Add the Christmas undecorating and there is a lot of work going on there. I also made some chili before I left the house, which was a good thing- I pinched a nerve or something in my shoulder- been laying up since I got home. Little Mama felt bad that she worked me too hard, but I think it is just a coincidence. We took a little lunch break and had some BLT(and O)s with some no nitrate bacon. We watched her wedding video (another fav pasttime), and we just had a good time. Folded some more clothes and then went outside for some sunshine, a walk and some swinging time (translation- camera time for Nana)! Had a fun day!

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