Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is happening at Nana's?

I haven't written anything worthwhile here lately, but am very happy that I still have the blog going- at least doing something here every week. I love to go blogging and I am amazed at what great blogs there are out there. Mind you the ones that I frequent are Catholic/Christian, decorating, home living, cooking, organic, sewing- all the stuff that is dear to my heart and I hope to learn something from these blogs and I do! What really amazes me is the time these bloggers put into their writing and pictures! How do they have time? The Tablescapes that I visit? Some of them post 40 some pictures (yes, I count)along with journaling and some throw in poems and stuff. I feel like I am good with just 7 pictures and some journaling. Another blog that I check from time to time has over 7000 followers! It is a sweet little blog about the daily happenings of her baby. She throws a few other things in here and there, but mainly it is about the baby and her other activities. She had a nice post about hearing a Missionary at her church and how she was convicted that day to not be ashamed to witness on her blog. (I thought she did a good job of this already) but she told how she broke down and cried under the conviction. Now she words things a bit different than how I have come to word/believe things in my Catholicity, but it all boils down to caring for other souls and I was impressed with that. So it sparked me to want to post more often on things that really mean something. On the same note- I was watching EWTN last night and a sweet little couple was touring Rome and showing the Catacombs. I had heard of the Catacombs, but didn't really know that it was the underground Catholic community. People, we have it made- we don't have to hide underground or make secret symbols or any of that- we can be Catholic Christians right out in the open! I have a Mary statue right in my yard! (I live on a busy street-I hope it gives people peace and reminds them of Jesus!)

Another great thing I like to brag about is getting stuff for cheap, cheap, cheap! I believe we need to be very careful stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with, and he has given me a great appreciation for a deal! Today, I went to Publix to buy Seventh Generation dish soap! It was a BOGO that I had 2 $1 coupons for. Grand total for 2 bottles was $1.20! (and it was my fav scent-Lavender!) I didn't have time to do any other shopping, but I wanted to get in on this deal before I forgot. I try to go shopping as little as possible, but when I have great coupons on the BOGOs- I go for it. Also, love that they take other stores coupons! Treat those coupons as dollar bills! And it is true- get 2 papers for just this occasion! The Tampa Trib is just $.50 on Sunday, so it is worth it for those extra coupons!

While I am bragging- have to plug my little JR! I got to see him yesterday and today and tomorrow at his cousin's birthday party. Yeah! This Nana is a happy, blessed lady!


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