Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wedding observations!

I have been thrilled to be a guest at 3 of my friend's daughter's weddings in the past 3 years . I bring this up because number 3 wedding was just last week, so I am still having fond memories of it. (she has 4 more daughters, so prayerfully, I will be a guest a few more times!! ) I will have to say, these weddings and receptions have been a little different than what may be considered the norm for American weddings in the 21st Century. One main difference, the weddings were celebrated in the Latin Rite. For the first 2 weddings, we had to drive an hour to the next Diocese, as our Bishop wasn't allowing Latin Rite weddings at that time. This time, we were able to celebrate in our own Diocese. (The church's Pastor was the Priest who did our Convalidation 2-1/2 years ago). As a convert, I am always all about learning and doing anything Catholic- and as is my, shall we say, personality, I like things the "old fashioned" way! For the first wedding, I even ordered a veil to wear (which I love to wear!) and wore it at the 2 subsequent weddings as well. (more on that subject in another post). The Latin Rite is very peaceful and beautiful. Another big difference is the brides and the attendants wore very, very extra modest dresses. They were awesome and beautiful and made by friend! (the 3rd bridal gown was found at a consignment shop and my friend added the sleeves.) You could definitely appreciate all the girls countenances and personalities without only noticing their gowns if you get my drift. The receptions were extremely nice, good food, good drink, good company, nice music. I really felt like I was part of their family. My friend's family all had a part in it and it (all) was great! I have enjoyed every single wedding I have ever been to. All weddings and brides to me are beautiful. I believe modesty is making a comeback, and I am glad. As Catholic Christians, we must strive to be different and "Marylike" in our dress, but be patient with people, who, I suppose haven't really thought about the depths of modesty- as it is a fairly new concept for me too- I don't even want to think about what I wore as a teenager!
(This friend mentioned above, I might add, played a big part in my conversion. Not in any preaching or finger shaking, but in her every day living that I had the blessing of observing for the past 17 years or so since I have known her.)

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