Monday, September 6, 2010

Wedding Countdown

Well, the shower was 4 weeks ago, the Bachelorette Party was this past weekend- the countdown is on- my daughter, Tiffany is getting married 10-10-10! With the trendy date, we reserved everything early- seems like an eternity ago- so we are down to the wire to finish paying for everything and tying up the loose ends. She is marrying a wonderful guy who will give us an instant grandson! Yeah!

We will be having the wedding and reception outside in the courtyard of the South Florida Museum in Bradenton- it is a mini-destination for us- about an hour away! My daughter formerly worked for a caterer, so they will be doing the food and the bar.

Her colors are purple with blue accents. She has chosen a local florist and a photographer whose work she really liked. The DJ is the same one we used with our other daughter's wedding- he really got the party going!

The rehearsal dinner will be catered by the chef at my daughter's school where she just started her first teaching job.

We are having about 100 people.

The shower was held at Olive Garden- she received some really nice gifts and the Bachelorette Party was in Orlando. I was invited! I brought along my sister, Tammy. We had a good time shopping, eating, drinking (just one margarita!) and sunbathing.

I will be writing more about the wedding in the weeks to come.

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Tammy said...

Was honored to be a part of the Bachlorette Party - had so much fun - to bad we can't do a get together - get away like that once a year....