Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Son's Wedding Day!

 Here are the pics from my son's wedding- I don't know what happened to the earlier download from Picasa, but here they are. We had a great blessed day!!

We did most everything ourselves and it was a really good feeling. We used the engagement pictures for Table numbers, bought the roses in bulk and had some wonderful help that really made the wedding and reception so beautiful!For the food we had several family/friends bring dishes and honestly the food was so delicious!! We had a lot of compliments on the food. Thanks, everyone!!!
I had one of the engagement pictures blown up at Staples ($10.00) and used it for all the good wishes/guest book. The picture is laminated.

Placecards- just found some sticky gems to add a little sparkle.
My daughter is styling her new sister in law's hair and her cousin is applying the make-up.
The Dress!
This was very fun to watch!
Brad's new brother in law to be helped him with his coat.
The bridesmaids. One of Joselin's mom's friends did the silk arrangements- bouquets and corsages.
Here comes his bride!
Joselin borrowed Amy's tiara and veil.

I was too close for this shot, but what can I say, had to take it!
The wedding party- it was very challenging working behind the actual photographer, but I was pretty happy with most of my pictures, being the Mother of the Groom and all, I still took almost 400 pictures I think?
The happy couple with Father John.
The beautiful bride- her mom is in the background speaking to the Priest's wife.
Yeah, these are my boys (minus Johnny- who was happy at the reception with his other grandma, so we didn't get any pics of him ;~(  )

Joselin didn't hesitate to take these off!
Gotta get some silly ones too!
They look so happy, huh??
They danced to "I will Never Give Up"
I forget the name of the song she danced with her dad, but it was very sweet.
We danced to "A song for Momma" by Boyz to Men- yes, we lost it. On a video my girls took, you could hear them (his sisters) crying in the background too. I was totally together before this!

They both fed each other very sweetly. (Our family has learned the hard way how it is the very best way! Brad's cousin was smeared with cake everywhere when the photographer instigated a "smear" campaign with her Maid of Honor and Best Man- it was horrible!)
The cookies on the right were Greek wedding cookies in heart shapes. They were scrumptious!
My two son in laws- they are so close you would think they were brothers- it is an awesome thing for this mother- in- law to be part of.
My girls, their hubbies and my little Steven!

Steven caught the garter and  said, oh, I knew who I can marry... when he found out what it meant!
My sister, Tammy and her hubby, Keith.

Tiffany and Steve dancing to their wedding song.
Steven NEVER left the dance floor.
The guys danced to what has become a Tipton wedding tradition somehow- not your typical wedding reception song...

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