Sunday, October 25, 2015

It has been entirely too long...

I really, really want to keep this blog going- been thinking about that a lot. I need to just make the commitment to post something at least a couple of times a week.  A lot has happened since I last was here.

No. 1- my little grandson, Wesley Joseph was born! He is adorable of course and the apple of all of our eyes, especially his Mama, Tiffany's! He joins my 4 other little apples, but won't be the youngest grandchild for long..
 No. 2 my second daughter announced she was expecting just before Wesley was born. It was pure wonderfulness to have both my girls pregnant at the same time.
 Of course all else that has happened since April can't compare to these 2 happenings. Everything is going along very well and we are so very happy and blessed. We have been very comfortable in The Little Cottage.We enjoyed the above ground pool that we put in last summer this year as well.
I have been pretty busy in The Little Cottage Studio- I made 2 more quilts, so since last August 2014 I have made 9- I am  excited about that. I also tried my hand at stuffed animals, which I was pretty happy with the results and plan on making a few for Christmas. My sister sold me her embroidery machine that is a step or two up from mine and I did a few things on there for Wesley- getting ready to make a few things for our niece who also had a baby just 3 days after Tiffany.

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