Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lots going on!

Well, I did it, I joined Facebook and I love it. I have been in contact with an old high school friend and have caught up with a lot of old friends from my old church. It is fun seeing what everyone is doing and drop a line now and then. Like email (which I love too) only a little less time consuming.

Let's see what good deals have I come across- coupons are still working well for me and I have my mom sending me extras and there are also coupons in that little paper that lands on my driveway that I used to throw away (not anymore!) OHH! my papertowel journey- I had a raincheck for Viva paper towels- best paper towels in the world-at CVS so I got3 8pk rolls for 5.49 each and $2 extra bucks!!!! Yeah! So, THEN I took the $6 extra bucks and bought batteries- final cost was .53 for 2 8 pks of AA (my camera eats them). Not bad, huh? There are deals out there, people! It might take a bit of work finding them, and patience waiting for those great BOGO dealies to use with your coupons! Love the cereal deals! Hubby and Baby Boy love having cereal in the house and I hate spending a lot on them - don't feel they are that great for you, but I don't buy Pebbles or Sugar Pops or any of those. We stick to Cheerios and Shredded Wheat.

Hubby and I went to see Grandbaby last night and Little Mama and SIL- made some yummy spinach pasta. (Talk about CHEAP meal) Great for Lent too! Loving having a digital camera right now. Got some really nice ones of the 3 of them and I get a kick out of taking pictures of Hubby with the baby too. I got my little Ebay special for $65 and I think it has paid for itself already. So for the BIG 50- I want a fancy schmancy Canon or Nikon SLR camera. I thought I had gotten over that desire after I got the Ebay special, but the problem is- you don't always get the picture you want. With my old trusty 35mm Minolta I got the picture I took. With this one- there is an annoying delay unless it is a poised picture. So, I will be on the hunt for the best deal on that- you can betcha!
Speaking of pictures- I took 77 (yes 77) pictures of my adopted Grandson's first t-ball game!! T-BALL!! 30 MINUTE game!! I just used the zoom on the kid and apparently never took my finger off the picture taking thingy!!! I did get some really cute pictures! I am seriously behind on my scrapbooking!! Gotta get to a crop or something, otherwise, I just don't get it done.

Having a good Lent? I am so bad- it is like those New Year resolutions. I wanted to add a Mass to my week and/or a Rosary and wanted to give up junk food (not that I eat a lot of it, try to eat pretty well, but I have a thing for chips) thank God I still have some Lent to go. It is really a good time of self denial for a good purpose. The no meat Fridays aren't a big deal (unless you really get a craving for a burger) as I try to not eat meat on Fridays anyway.

That is what is happening in my little world.

Praise Be to God!


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