Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just Call Me Nana!

Well, it is official! I am now, not Grammy, but Nana! I tried out the Grammy to go along with Grampy for my hubby, but I never really liked it. A few weeks ago, my friend who is expecting her first grandchild mentioned she wanted to be Nana and I started to feel a little sad I didn't choose Nana. About a week later another friend said she and her husband are Nana and Papa and, again, I felt like I was missing having the title of Nana! So, the other day, I referred to myself as Nana and my daughter said, "oh, I like that better! I never really liked Grammy." Who knew?? So, Nana it is! Yeah!!! (I still like Grampy for my husband!) I figure Nana is pretty easy for little ones to say and it still sounds ok for an older child. Of course, if my litte JR calls me something else- THAT is what I will be!!

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