Monday, October 26, 2009

A Pumpkin Topiary!

I have seen a few pumpkin topiaries and really wanted to make one. I especially liked the 3 tiered ones, but just thought they would be a little too expensive. So, here is my copy cat rendition of one I saw last night on another blog! All materials were on sale at Michaels. I am sure some people may have most of the items on hand, except maybe the pumpkin. I used a styrofoam pumpkin, a dowel rod that I painted brown, a potted flower plant already put together and I just jammed the dowel in the bottom of the pumpkin and inside the potted plant and put the whole thing in a ceramic pot a put the ribbon under the pumpkin (hot glue) and i wrapped more ribbon around the dowel. I stabilized the bottom of the dowel by putting 2 leftover pieces of the cut dowel down in beside the main dowel and wrapped it really tight with the ribbon and added a few leaves (hot glue again!) That is all! Pretty simple. Oh, the goblet is one that I bought for a use in a Tablescape (just did my first one last week!). I bought 4 of them at the Dollar Tree! (I wanted to show my sister-ha ha)


Beansieleigh said...

I LOVE this!.. Because of the move, we're extending our own Halloween at our new home, but I think this would look beautiful right through the Thanksgiving holiday, do you?! I love the ribbon you used too!.. VERY pretty! ~tina

emptynester3 said...

Tina- oh, I plan on leaving that topiary out until the Christmas decorations go up! I love pumpkins! Thanks for looking! Oh, the ribbon was from the Dollar Tree!