Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog Reading

I have been enjoying blog reading in the last few days! I admire the creativity on the various subjects I have read about. Lately, I have been reading on tablescapes- very beautiful and inspirational. I usually keep some sort of centerpiece on my dining room table, but this has inspired me to step outside the box. We just got a glass table, so I made a table runner out of an old fall tablecloth and I had bought some brown cloth napkins at Goodwill. I put a little scarecrow in one of those large brandy glass/vases and put 2 tapered candles in 2 cute little glass candleholders from the Dollar Store and I added a couple pumpkins. Even my husband said it looked nice (he usually isn't so moved! Now the challenge is to keep the junk off the table- we tend to throw everything on the table- it is so irritating!

Studio Activity
When my son moved out a few months ago (he is back now!) I made his room into a "studio" (studio just sounds good!) for my sewing and scrapbooking. So, then it just stands to reason, that I must, must, must do something creative a good part of the week. A few weeks ago, I started working on my scrapbook from my birthday (Big 5-0) it is coming along great, I am really pleased with it and I have also made a diaper bag for my daughter/grandson, my grandson's Halloween costume (he is going to be Bam Bam), a quilt and some other stuff for my sister/niece and now I am working on a little Christmas dress for my niece. It is red with little white candy canes on it. I should be done with it tomorrow. She lives in Alaska and they are all coming for a visit in a few weeks, so I thought I better get busy. Gotta use the creativity! I have been using my Michaels and Jo Ann coupons for my fabric and this week the Simplicity patterns are .99- that is the only time I really like to buy my patterns- I can also afford to buy 2 of the same pattern in different sizes or the same if I like it, cause let's face it, patterns aren't the same after one use. I also bought a Sew Beautiful magazine- has some great little patterns in it and was 10% off. I also am interested in what they call Heirloom sewing. The term just sounded interesting, so when I looked into it further, I discovered it means sewing the item (children's clothes mostly) in a style, pattern and embellishments that would be timeless- worthy of heirloomnity! (I am sure that isn't a word) but this is so interesting! The dresses are gorgeous! I bought a pattern today that I think may have heirloom capabilities! The samples I have seen have just sweet little collars and smocking and little touches that are always in style.

Well, that is all I can think of today! If I can figure out how to add pictures to this blog, I will add some of the tablescapes and the little dress.

Do unto someone as you would have them do to you!!!

Nana T

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