Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Spiritual Weekend

There are times in my spiritual life, really I guess some parts of everyday, where I just feel the need to "do better". I want to pray the rosary every day, even the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, attend daily Mass and read the Bible, feed the hungry, help the poor. You get the picture. I don't do these things like I should. Sometimes, I use the famous Nike words to myself "Just Do It!" I get a little lazy, I don't know what to do first. Excuses, I suppose. Anyway, I just wrote this paragraph as a disclaimer of sorts. I KNOW I can and should do better. Well, this weekend was really spirit-filled and I feel like things had shakened up a bit for me.

The weekend started, unfortunately, with a funeral. None of us wants to go to a funeral, but I feel we should if the opportunity arises. People need people at this time. The living need the support. A funeral Mass can be very uplifting to our spirits and strengthen our resolve to "do better". I wanted to support the daughter of the man who died as well. Her beloved step-mom, a friend of mine, just passed away last December, so she has had more than her share of grief. Her new husband played basketball with my son, so I felt a double connection.

Saturday, I attended a Magnificat breakfast where the speaker was a member of my homeschool group (I am an alumni). She testified to her conviction of not using birth control and being a physician, she learned NFP through the Creighton Model.(She became a stay at home mom and now just volunteers- teaching women how to resolve their reproductive issues naturally.

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